CDC Releases Embarrassing Study On Face Masks

Stopping BBs with a chain link fence…once again, lies on top of deception on top of lies…

By   The American Examiner News

The CDC recently confessed that face masks do very little to prevent COVID-19 spread. A study revealed that masks have very little impact on infection numbers, failing to exceed statistical margins of error.

The results of the study showed that between the months of March and December 2020, mask mandates only reduced the infection rate by 1.5 percent over rolling periods of two months. The masks were 0.5 percent effective in the first 20 days and less than 2 percent after 100 days.

The CDC still recommends wearing a mask, even though it admitted that such mandates don’t make any statistical difference. Thankfully, several Republican led states around the nation have returned to normalcy by ending their mask mandates.

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