Cancel Culture, Part 1

By Roger Anghis

This last year has seen so many real idiots expose their uneducated stupidity.  What is called a cancel culture is only a group of people that are not capable of handling reality.  Thank you, liberal indoctrination.  We have all heard that if we do not learn from history, we will be destined to repeat it.  I am positive that we have not learned from history simply because the liberal indoctrination does not teach history.  Our elementary schools don’t teach either American or world history.  Middle and Senior High schools don’t teach it either.  Colleges teach secular humanism and trash everything American.  So, I guess you can’t be too hard on the kids that know nothing of our history when it was never taught to them.  We can however blame those who call themselves ‘teachers’ for refusing to teach the truth about the greatest nation in the world, America.

All students should be familiar with the history of their country.  Not the revisionist garbage that they teach in our public schools but the real history.  The sacrifices that the Founders made many of which were great, the dedication to individual freedom they subscribed to, the moral base that they lived by personally, in business, and specifically in the politics of their day, and the foundation that all of this was built on, the Christian faith in Jesus Christ.  Noah Webster stated “Every child in America should be acquainted with his own country. He should read books that furnish him with ideas that will be useful to him in life and practice. As soon as he opens his lips, he should rehearse the history of his own country.”

As parents, we have failed to hold our education system to the fire concerning the content of our children’s education.  Today’s school books wrongly refer to Christianity as a ‘bloody religion’ but in reality, so-called Christian leaders ignored the teachings of Christ and declared wars that should not have been declared.  Some of the ‘blood’ they try to shame us with was in many cases Christians defending themselves.  I guess Christians don’t have that right.  There is not one single instruction, advice, or command Jesus preached that is in any way remotely associated with the shedding of blood. There is only one ‘bloody’ event that occurred in Christianity. That was when Jesus suffered a ‘bloody’ death at the hands of his enemies on behalf of us.[1]

These same textbooks refer to islam as a religion of peace when the truth of it is that ideology has caused the deaths of over 260 million people simply because they refused to follow their false god.  The real ‘bloody religion’ is islam, not Christianity. Our schools are not supposed to allow ‘religious teaching’ yet they teach the fundamentals of islam, do field trips to mosques but they won’t teach anything about Christianity or take field trips to churches.  Kristen Amundson, executive director of the National Association of State Boards of Education, which represents U.S. state and territorial education boards, said she expects to see more parents pushing to change textbooks and curriculum this year.

“We will see a raft of it,” she said. “It is going to be coming before local boards, state boards, and legislatures.”

A bill in Tennessee, backed by a leading Republican legislator, is expected to be the focus of heated debate in that state’s legislative session, which started this past week. The bill, introduced by Rep. Sheila Butt, seeks to exclude any “religious doctrine,” not just Islam, from middle-school textbooks.

Ms. Butt, an author of Christian books, said in an email that she wrote the bill after complaints from “constituents who realized that some religions were more heavily weighted in the standards and that doctrine was being taught to Junior High students.” Republican Gov. Bill Haslam has said the bill is too broad, but Candice McQueen, the state’s education commissioner, has sped up reviews of social-studies standards following the criticism.[2] Christian principles is what made America the greatest nation the world has ever seen. This should be taught in our schools.  I have textbooks from Texas in the 1960s that have the Old Testament study guide and New Testament Study guide. This was taught in America’s schools from the first boatload that landed at what is now Jamestown.  Because someone doesn’t like that history it cannot be taught.  Idiocy on steroids.

In most of 2020, we saw the public displays of our history be removed from public view.  Statues of many of the southern generals are now gone.  Not all of them were the greatest but they did exhibit loyalty to a cause.  Something that is almost impossible to find today.  Most people think the Civil War was fought over slavery when it was actually fought over states’ rights. One of those rights was to allow slavery but the state’s freedoms overall were the main reason.  The elimination of slavery was a very positive outcome of the war but the states have suffered since in attempting to exercise their freedom as a state.

We should not remove these things from public view and we should teach them the right and wrong of both sides.  Liberals don’t want anyone to voice an opinion different than theirs because they feel theirs is the only legitimate opinion.  The problem with that is all of history tells us that their opinion has never benefited anyone but the few elite.  That’s why they won’t teach real history.  Television programs have been canceled because some crybaby didn’t like the content or an actor’s personal beliefs.  We have people upset because a plastic potato has been given a gender, Mr. Potato head. Well, there is a Mrs. Potato head too but gender assignment seems to be a no-no anymore.  Even with our kids, we seem to think that they can determine the gender they want to be.  Sorry!  God ‘assigned’ our gender in the womb.  If your plumbing is on the outside, you’re a male, period!  If your plumbing is on the inside, you’re a female, period.  We don’t get to chose and that makes some people mad.  Get over it.  John Wayne is reported to have said: “Cutting off your johnson doesn’t make you a female it makes you a guy who cut off your johnson.”  Blunt, yes but to the point.

I was born five years after the end of WWII and most of my generation subscribed to the theory that we have to stay away from the ideologies that brought WWII on.  Most of the generation before us is gone.  They handed us a world-class nation above any nation that had ever existed before.  We are seeing it fade into history because we won’t stand for what this country was founded on.  We are letting it be taken away just like the Germans let their nation go to hell in the 1930s.  Hitler burned books and destroyed statues.  We have removed our statues and are letting big tech giants cancel our books. Dr. Suess makes more sense than the Democrat Party.  Hitler banned individuals from owning guns, Biden is trying to do the same thing. Hitler opposed free speech and today ‘woke’ people are doing the same thing.  Hitler’s Brown Shirts burned businesses and looted Jewish businesses, antifa burned businesses all last year, still are and the Democrats don’t have a problem with that, Hitler killed babies of ethnic groups he didn’t like and Democrats abort babies they don’t want.  This is the history they won’t teach.  This is why we are repeating the atrocities of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

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