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From Stop World Control comes this message…

Dear Freedom Fighters,
want to make a promise to you. This is a hard promise, and a painful one for me, and it is costing me a price…. But here’s the promise:

I will never tell you what you want to hear.
I will tell you what you need to hear.

This is the ONLY way we can ever defeat global tyranny, and the New World Order. We need to break free from everything that blinds and binds us.

That is however always a difficult process for all of us. But I cannot lift you up to new levels of freedom, without talking about the actual problems that are causing us to live in bondage.

This means I will say things that can potentially upset you.

Personally I have often been angry with people that were sent my way to wake me up, shift my mindsets, and assist me to enter new levels of freedom, truth and destiny.

Being uprooted from toxic soil, is hard and it hurts. Yet, it needs to be done.

Stepping Into
A Blinding Light
My heart has been transformed with a compassion for the world, to see all of us rise up out of the depths of unimaginable deception – on every level! – and see humanity come into its true destiny. But that’s a very difficult process. All our securities, our worldview, our beliefs are all rooted in so many lies, that it’s terrifying to let go of them.

It takes great courage to step into the uncertainty of having to unlearn so much, and learning what the truth ACTUALLY is.
Being in a prison is horrible, but if we were born there, it’s also comforting, and safe to be in that confounded space.

Stepping out into a bright, blinding light, and a world we don’t even know, can be scary…

But how wonderful is true freedom, once we dare to discover it, and leave the darkness of the prison behind…


what if we

don’t even know

that we are

in a prison?

Injection of Crippling Deception
Each and everyone of us lives in a prison, in many ways. We have been lied to so severely by the government, the media, every industry, education, and yes… also the church. We have no clue what truth and reality is, at least not fully.

We have blindly believed everything that others told us, and had no idea so much of it could be so wrong…
For example, what I say in the video “10 Reasons Why Trump Will Win”. In that passionate expose I explain how the whole idea of a rapture and the end of the world was never part of the Christian faith for 19 centuries, and it was injected into the American Church in the 19th century.

The Rothschilds financed the Scofield Study Bible, that introduced this ‘end times’ mindset. Thousands of free Bibles were sent to Evangelical pastors, for free. That totally transformed the mind of the Evangelical Church in America.

Before that event, all believers worldwide had a royal mindset of casting out evil from the world, and establishing the kingdom of life everywhere they came. Nobody was ’waiting to get outta here’ but every believer knew they had a mission to heal the world. Nobody was waiting for Christ to come down and fix it all, but the millions of missionaries, monks, priests, nuns, and so on, all worked very hard to heal the world, knowing that’s their call.

Not Escaping But
Healing The World
They built hospitals for the sick, homes for the widows and orphans, they taught people to love one another, they built schools to educate people, and they fought hard to bring justice into society.

Nothing was perfect, but all by all they did a great job changing Europe from brutal barbarians – who ate and sacrificed one another – into nations where most people can live safely, with health care, education for all, enough food, humane working conditions, and so much more.

Before that, everybody suffered under the cruel hands of sorcerers and magicians, who terrorized everyone with their demon worship.

For almost two thousands years the Christians transformed every place where they came, they ended horrible practices like public cannibalism, public torture, public human sacrifice, and all kinds of bestiality. Because of this, the world became a tremendously different place. Much of this darkness still exists, but it has been pushed way back into the dark shadows, where it is now also being exposed.
It’s only a century ago, when the doom and gloom mindset was injected into the church, that many believers stopped healing the world, thinking the world is doomed anyway. That’s exactly what the powers of darkness wanted to happen. Now nobody would stand in their way to enslave humanity, and seize world control.
That is just one example of certain beliefs that cripple us.

The very teachings many of us have cherished, because they promise an easy escape, have in fact caused the realm of evil to regain territory, that was once conquered by the children of the light. Darkness that had been cast out, has returned in our nations, because of mindsets that stopped the church from doing its job of delivering the world from this very darkness.

Everybody Says They
Have The Truth
In many religious circles it is forbidden to question these doctrines. That in itself is proof of their evil origin, because Wisdom encourages us to test all things, and always seek truth.

Forbidding sincere study, is a hallmark of deception.

I will be true to my promise: I will not say what you want to hear. We all want to hear we are right, and we don’t need to change. What we however need to hear, is where we have been invaded by lies, and where unfruitful mindsets have stripped us from being powerful, and effective.
What we have to understand is this:

what we believe, is not necessarily the truth. It’s what OUR CULTURE – in this specific time of history – has told us.

Muslims believe they have the truth.

Hindus believe they have the truth.

Atheists believe they have the truth.
Christians believe they have the truth.
And then among Christians, you have:
Baptists believe they have the truth.
Pentecostals believe they have the truth.
Catholics believe they have the truth.
…and the other thousands of denominations who all believe they have the truth…


It takes courage, humility and honesty to have our world views tested and tried, to see if they withstand the test of reality. Some of what we have picked up during our life journey is truth, but we also all have stuff in our backpack, that is wearing us down, often without us even being aware of it.

The way to discover if what we believe is true, is by understanding we are all the result of our culture. We have to rise up above our current culture, and take a much wider look.

What helps us do this, is make sure our roots (our security) is not in our beliefs, but in a much deeper, more eternal and unshakable foundation. Simply said: if we know we are loved and cared for by the One who made us, then we can always keep our beliefs loosely in our hands, and know:

My life is rooted in LOVE, not in beliefs.

The eternal One doesn’t change. Opinions and beliefs however change all the time.

Do you understand this?

The Price Of
Setting People Free
I have been positioned to tear down lies, that hinder all of us from being who we are called to be. This means accepting hatred, rejection, and slander, because some people hate to be challenged.

Most people are convinced that everything they believe is the ultimate, eternal truth, and they are not willing to be tested, and corrected.
That is the definition of being stuck forever, and being unable to grow.

Again: I promise you to say what I believe I need to say. My question to you is:

will you be willing to learn, even when it shakes the very foundations of your life?
I have had to struggle with this many times in my life. Whenever I discovered a new truth, I had to overcome fear or insecurity, sometimes even an irrational hostility deep inside of me…. And I had to face myself in the mirror, and wonder:

what is it that makes me aggressive towards something I haven’t even investigated? What am I secretly afraid of, that I attack a messenger, without even listening to his message?
Moving Into A
Bright Future
The future is incredibly beautiful: we are all moving towards a far greater understanding of who we are, what the world is, who our enemies are, what our origin is, why we are here, who is the One who made and loves us, what our purpose is, and so on.
Humanity is being led out of deep darkness, into an ever increasing light.

But this requires honesty, and willingness to lay certain things down, and being able to test all things in a sincere way. I will make it practical for you:  are you outraged that the Supreme Court of America is  UNWILLING to even LOOK at the evidence for the massive election fraud? That is horrendous, isn’t it? Yet, you may do the exact same thing, without knowing it.

For example: I have made an in depth study especially for the Christian members of my worldwide audience. This study challenges the popular doctrines about the ‘end-times’ and shows us what the Bible really says about ‘The Return of Christ’.

Years of doing this work however showed me that many people are like the corrupt judges in this nation: they refuse to even look at the evidence. They make a judgement based on their ignorance.

They WANT something to be true or not, because that way it doesn’t challenge them. I hope you will not do this.

Another example: I have written an in depth article to show how real the source of love and life is, that we call ‘God’. Many people however refuse to even look at it, because it challenges what they WANT to believe.

Or an article I wrote, that explains why the theory of evolution is insanity. Did you know the vast majority of evolutionists never want to even consider this?

We are all much more like the corrupt judges in America, than we dare to admit…

Let’s look in the mirror.

May Truth Set Us Free!
My goal with Stop World Control is to help build fa world where people are safe and happy without any form of darkness that threatens us. In order to get there, we must choose to always move forward, and not get stuck in our current position. We all know the world is full of problems. We need to deal with it, not close our eyes.

Being a corrupt judge, who is unwilling to look at evidence, won’t help us.

Having the sincerity, and courage to look at what can be potentially disruptive, is what makes us move forward.

May the truth set us all free, and may we never be like the corrupt judges in America, who destroy an entire nation because they refuse to see facts, and evidence.

Here are a few links
to help us move forward:

What does the Bible really say
about the Return of Christ?

Is there any real evidence
that there is an entity we call ‘God’?

Did we really come about by chance
through evolution?

This is only a start… Much more will come your way…. about history, the earth and the universe, food and lifestyle, the supernatural realm, and so much more.

I promise to never tell you what you want to hear, in order to build my reputation and get more money. I will always tell you what I believe to be true, even if it costs me everything.

You never have to believe anything I say.

All I kindly request of you is to sincerely consider the facts I present, and then come to your own conclusions, based on an honest gaining of new knowledge.

David Sorensen

Thank You For
Supporting Truth
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