Christians Can’t Say They Live for God While Justifying Killing Babies in Abortions


Toni McFadden understands how easy it is for Christians to fall into the trap of justifying the killing of unborn babies in abortions.

As a teenager and professing Christian, she did.

Writing at Live Action News, McFadden explained how God changed her life as a young adult, helped her to realize the evil of abortion and repent for the destruction of her own unborn baby’s life. Today, McFadden is the founder of Relationships Matter and the minority outreach and healthy relationship director for Students for Life of America.

“It saddened me to read how misguided even some Christian ‘leaders’ are when it comes to abortion,” McFadden wrote. “If we’re being honest, we must admit that our own personal journeys often create understanding (or a lack of understanding) when we read the Bible.”

She said the Bible must not be used to create a “god” who fits an individual’s beliefs or narrative. It is the Christian whose beliefs must change to align with God.

“It’s not enough to say you’re a Christian and live a life that contradicts Him. Knowing about God is different than living a life completely surrendered to Him,” she continued.

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“It is our responsibility as Christians to make choices that align with God. … We cannot say we live for God (the Creator of life) in one breath and in the next, say it’s okay to take away another human being’s life before they have a chance to leave the womb.”

McFadden said she feels sad when she sees Christian leaders trying to justify abortion. It was something that she did as a teenager, but now she knows the truth.

She wrote:

I ended the life of my unborn child when I was a senior in high school, though I claimed to be a Christian. I can give you a list of excuses as to why I did what I did, but honestly, I was selfish. I cared more about the future I had planned, my unstable relationship with my boyfriend, and protecting my image than I did about the innocent life in my womb.

Later, she said Christ changed her life, and she began to devour the Bible. As she did, she began to realize that true healing and freedom came through Christ alone.

“The hardest part about my healing was taking ownership of my abortion, which was a very difficult thing to do,” McFadden said. “The only true victim in the situation was my unborn baby. Accepting responsibility for what I had done triggered the grief, sorrow, and ultimately, the freedom I needed to obtain in order to start healing.”

Now, she said she is pro-life from womb to tomb because she is a Christian. Through her Relationships Matter organization and Students for Life, she helps mothers choose life for their babies.

“We have to intentionally create an environment that inspires our children toward kindness and love, and toward valuing the sanctity of life,” she said.

McFadden urged Christians to seek God first and, by doing so, they will recognize that every child’s life is precious and valuable.

“Walking with God will often be a narrow road, but that road leads to life, not death,” she wrote. “As Christians, we are supposed to affect the culture, not blend into it. Our actions reveal what we believe about God.”

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