Ten Articles About Faith and Religion

Beginning of a New World https://pcg.church/articles/6244/beginning-of-a-new-world ==========AND========== ‘GET OUT’: Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s Struggle Against The State https://www.rebelnews.com/_get_out_pastor_artur_pawlowski_s_struggle_against_the_state ==========AND========== Now That You Have Survived The Facebook “Mini Apocalypse”, Are You Ready […] Read More

Eight Articles About Abortion and Related

House Passes Radical Abortion Legislation https://townhall.com/tipsheet/reaganmccarthy/2021/09/24/house-passes-roe-leg-n2596451 ==========AND========== Nancy Pelosi Slams Catholic Bishop, Defends Abortion: “God Has Given Us a Free Will” to Kill Babies https://www.lifenews.com/2021/09/24/nancy-pelosi-slams-catholic-bishop-defends-abortion-god-has-given-us-a-free-will-to-kill-babies/and Catholic Bishop Rebukes Nancy Pelosi: […] Read More

3rd Set of Ten Articles and Features About Faith and Religion

God’s Feast of Tabernacles in History https://pcg.church/articles/6510/god-s-feast-of-tabernacles-in-history ==========AND========== The Modern King Jeroboam II https://www.thetrumpet.com/24401-the-modern-king-jeroboam-ii ==========AND========== Pastor Greg Locke Tells WILD Story: “We were right about everything!” ==========AND========== Islam and Suicide […] Read More

4th Set of Ten Articles and Features About Faith and Religion

Danny Gokey opposes vaccination mandates, says world faces ‘birthing point’ for mark of the beast https://www.christianpost.com/news/christian-singer-danny-gokey-opposes-vaccination-mandates.html ==========AND========== Evidence for 2,800-Year-Old Biblical Earthquake Found in Jerusalem ==========AND========== Don’t Tell Me That […] Read More