Teachers in Maryland Gave Solid Reasons for Why We Should Smash Their Union to Dust

I taught for forty years. In my early career, I thought that teachers’ unions, especially in Los Angeles, were a good thing…even went out on strike in 1988 with UTLA, but in my later career I discovered how politically biased they had become, with agendas that had very little to do with education…such appears to be the case here…so many have forgotten why they became teachers in the first place…


By Matt Vespa for Townhall

Teachers in Maryland Gave Solid Reasons for Why We Should Smash their Union to Dust

The party is over. It’s done. The science says reopen the schools. The CDC director says reopen the schools. Pediatricians have said (for months now) it’s safe to reopen the schools. Even Joe Biden says it’s safe to reopen the schools. Get back to work and cut the crap because we all see what you’re doing here. Besides exhibiting incredible laziness, it’s a political exercise. You’re flexing your political muscle while kids are not learning, becoming depressed, and committing suicide. And these a-holes have the stones to have a rally and say that the only reason parents want them back to work is because of…babysitters?

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