Thirteen Articles About Racism, CRT, wokism, riots, BLM and Antifa

9-Year-Old Girl Hammers School Board For Violating ‘No Politics’ Policy By Allowing BLM Posters ==========AND========== Australian Senate Bans Marxist Critical Race Theory from Aussie Classrooms ==========AND========== Thomas Sowell on […] Read More

Three Articles Regarding Education

A Plan to Get Divisive and Radical Theories Out of Our Schools by Donald J. Trump ==========AND========== PARENTS LEAD REBELLION ACROSS THE NATION ==========AND========== We Need to Restore […] Read More

Four Articles on Education and Related

Timeless Wisdom: Why the Founders Said You Should Study History ==========AND========== Fighting Back: Common Sense Moms Stand Up Against Marxist Critical Race Theory in Schools ==========AND========== The Single […] Read More

Ten Articles About Faith and Religion and Related

Peace That Passes All Understanding ==========AND========== A Quick, Compelling Bible Study Vol. 64: Parable That Founded the Phrase ‘Good Samaritan’ ==========AND========== NTEB RADIO BIBLE STUDY: ISRAEL IS FORMING THEIR […] Read More

Three Articles About Faith – Religion – Prayer

PRETRIBULATION RAPTURE ==========AND========== The Removal of Prayer from Public Schools in America ==========AND========== Christian host Eric Metaxas joins Rumble after YouTube censorship

6 Articles and Video About Racism, Critical Race Theory and Related

How Critical Race Theory is Changing the California Classroom — Dr. Wenyuan Wu ========== AND ========== ========== AND ========== Parents fed up with SJW politics campaign to oust Loudoun […] Read More