Where Do We Go From Here? Part 4: Prepping For Tyranny

By Steven Yates for News With Views

Prepping For Tyranny

“You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end — which you can never afford to lose — with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.” —VADM James B. Stockdale, UNS

[Author’s Disclaimer: the content in this article is for informational purposes only. Neither the author nor NewsWithViews.com advocates the breaking of any law. Consult an attorney you trust if you have questions about taking up any of the projects described below. Be sure your attorney is a trusted Patriot as well as knowledgeable in what the law allows.]

Parts 12, and 3.

Living overseas, information comes my way. I doubt living overseas has anything to do with it. Most of the same information can be had by Americans at home. It’s just that few seek it out. It often presents a quite different picture of the former Land of the Free than you’ll get from domestic Corporate Media.

Take for instance the whopper that a man in a cave in Afghanistan orchestrated, all by himself, the 9/11 attacks. This is the approved narrative in U.S. media, government, and academia. Anything else is a “conspiracy theory” (as if the whopper is more than a different“conspiracy theory”). I’ve met numerous non-Americans who are sure the whopper is false. They figured out long ago that powerful actors both in and outside the borders of the Empire were involved in planning and executing the attacks, that there were warnings aplenty (because you can’t hide something that big!), and that the U.S. Establishment pointedly ignored them because it was counting on the attacks to occur.

That is to say, the Big Club was willing to sacrifice over 3,000 innocent lives, plus the lives of first responders who are now dead from “mysterious ailments” traceable to their breathing poisonous dust from the collapsed towers.

The Establishment does not care about human lives. It’s useful always to remember this. Again, to its minions, we peasants are the moral equivalent of cattle.

Cui bono? Who was the primary beneficiary of those attacks? Answer: the Establishment (via the Patriot Act and its successors) and its war machine which soon launched wars the real purpose of which was control over Middle Eastern oil. For the cattle, Corporate Media fostered the narrative that Saddam Hussein, who (with his country under destructive sanctions for 13 years was dragging his feet) was an “evil tyrant” who needed removal; hence the catastrophic Iraq War. Catastrophic for common people, that is, Iraqis worse than Americans. Not for Halliburton which made billions from the rebuilding (one of the handful of intelligent leftist authors, Naomi Klein, coined the phrase disaster capitalism for this sort of thing).

The Establishment would have invaded Iran by now, but Iran is a much bigger target, allied with Russia and China. The Big Club may be evil, but its minions are not stupid. They knew good and well they’d not succeed at their primary objective (gaining control over Iranian oil) without starting a world war.

As a general rule,those who either have power or want power do what they can get away with: no more, and no less.

And as the nineteenth century African-American philosopher and abolitionist Frederick Douglass observed back in 1857:

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” -West India Emancipation Speech, Delivered at Canandaigua, New York (Aug. 4, 1857)

That hasn’t changed. But today’s powerful rationalize their acts with mind-paralyzing narratives, based either on fear (of “terrorism,” or today, of Captain Covid) or the promise of free lunches for anyone gullible enough to believe their BS.

We’ll keep you safe and secure your health if you give us more power!

This is the official narrative of official narratives!

The world of 2020-21 is vastly different than that of 2001-03. To put it mildly!

Were another 9/11 to happen now, the Biden-Harris Regime would not wait six weeks for a Patriot Act II. It might not even wait six days.

It might not take an actual event, moreover. Not after “1/6”! Not with all those white supremacists still running around who supported Trump, believe the election was stolen, and marched into the Capitol that day!

That’s another BS narrative, but I don’t think the newly empowered Establishment figureheads care two figs what’s true and what isn’t (the basic concept of ‘BS’ since philosopher Harry Frankfurt’s neat little tract on the subject)!

The information presently coming my way — I am not free to reveal its origin on a publicly accessible site — is another peek at what is being thought about elsewhere in the world, and a warning. You saw it here first (probably).

Russian intelligence is watching the unfolding scene in the District of Corruption. They’ve been watching since the janky election—not with an eye to doing anything, just planning for a world without U.S. leadership. For only American center-left liberals and naïve EU bureaucrats think the mentally vacant Joe Biden could lead a choir rehearsal, much less America, much less the world.

International audiences watched an inauguration more resembling the anointing of the supreme leader of a military dictatorship than a democracy (this last is a myth, as I noted in Part 3). Thousands of troops surrounded the Biden-Harris coronation, with tens of thousands more in the vicinity.

Many remain, and the plan is for them to be there at least through early March. Rumors are circulating of an “event” at the Capitol March 4. Neither I nor anyone else knows anything will happen, of course. There’s been enough advanced publicity to spook the planners: obviously, if anything happens it will have false flag written all over it.

My source’s query: be that as it may, is something spectacularly nasty being planned behind the scenes? Something much bigger than another disruptive protest?

Another 9/11, perchance? Another orchestrated mass shooting, with some poor mind-controlled (because drug-addled) schlep set up to take the fall?

Or a cyber attack resulting in Internet outages, other telecommunications disruptions, and an emergency that could be blamed on “white supremacists” and used to justify Homeland Security led lockdowns of the sort we know the Establishment will do because they did it in Boston (remember the Boston Marathon Bombing?).

Speaking of lockdowns, those continue courtesy of Captain Covid — or what we are told is Captain Covid (who is mutating, as viruses do) — pending Big Pharma’s vaccines. Or what we are told are vaccines. Among the people refusing the mare healthcare workers who don’t trust the official narrative any further than they can throw it (the vaccine is proven safe and effective, with nolong-term side effects). Many are discounting stories by “experts” of how Covid seems to have vanquished the flu this year as laughable.  Millions will likely refuse something even Big Pharma concedes is experimental.

Amidst “vaccine hesitancy” and continued skepticism about the legitimacy of Sleepy Joe’s presidency, I wouldn’t put it past the Big Club to have something very unpleasant planned as a last resort. Something able to serve as a pretext for breaking out their full artillery.

What you will see, in that case, is a three-way power grab between Big Tech / Big Pharma, Big Government, and the Cult of Woke, aimed at Trump supporters but actually at anyone questioning approved narratives, and that includes those progressives smart enough to know that Sleepy Joe is not one of them.

Conservatives need to be prepared, and there is no more time to waste!

They can do much preparation where they are, although many eventually will want to separate physically and congregate in off-the-radar locations — if they can find land that Bill Gates has not bought. Living off the grid may be possible although doing so may take one into a legal gray area.

In Parts 2 and 3 I discussed strategies for psychological and economic independence from the Establishment. There are things autonomous communities have that non autonomous communities do not have. Enumerated more specifically:

(1) Autonomous communities can grow, cultivate, and store their own food, and prepare clean water. Communities unable to do this will have to bring in food and water from outside, and so will never be autonomous, period. The alternative is to have six months to a year’s worth of non perishables stored.

(2) They have people able to make soap and supply other hygienic necessities (toilet paper, etc.). Again, the alternative is a large minimum supply until a few people develop these skills.

(3) Such communities have among them doctors and nurses able to respond effectively to medical emergencies, or just treat common ailments. Given their experiences over the past year, I would think enough doctors and other medical professionals would be questioning Establishment narratives and asking where they can sign up. Each such community should have at least one doctor able to deliver babies, at least one dentist, and at least one veterinarian, all with assistants.

(4) Such communities have craftsmen/women, people who can run generators in cold weather, others able to wire houses safely and keep lights on, repair equipment, make and repair clothing including for harsh weather conditions (the use of hemp has enormous possibilities since hemp fiber is very durable and clothing made from it does not readily wear out). All will need to apprentice others in these skills.

(5) Autonomous communities will have teachers for children, and other ideas and information people, whether for education about nutrition (e.g.), history including how we got in this mess — object lessons in the need for checks on the powerful. I would include in this category pastors or priests or other men and women who serve God and can maintain the community’s moral compass.  Such communities will need writers of newsletters able to keep people informed. These folks will not put out fake news or feel-good BS. Nor, above all, will they want to proselytize to the world! (Their work, it should go without saying, will be offline.)

(6) Finally, such communities will need people skilled with firearms, able to defend the community’s boundaries or borders, if established. They will have sought out skilled Veterans, perhaps with enough experience of the District of Criminals’ foreign wars and their destructive aftermath to have lost whatever loyalty they might have had to the Empire. They will need to patrol borders because to the extent it succeeds, their community will have enemies. Corporate Media will demonize them as white supremacists, white nationalists, or white separatists (even though these communities may have numerous minority-group members in their midst — another illustration how the Establishment couldn’t care less about the truth).

Also, as the U.S. continues to unravel infra structurally, socially, and economically, refugees may want to enter. Leaders will then have difficult decisions to make. Obviously they cannot let in everyone who wants in, for the same reasons the U.S. as a whole cannot sustain unlimited immigration. Do they admit some, risking that a few may be moles or agents sent by one of their enemies? Or do they close their borders to all outsiders? If they have been threatened in Corporate Media or actually experienced physical, Antifa-style attacks, this might be the safest route?

When necessary (and it will be), some will need to conduct reconnaissance missions to keep track of what is going on outside. If the U.S. really does unravel, this could be as dangerous as recon would be in any foreign nation during wartime.

(7) Undoubtedly I’ve not thought of everything. Readers should feel free to print this list and add to it.

Sadly, few people take action until it’s too late. Conservatives should be networking within their communities now, identifying where they stand and who can do what. They should buy from one another instead of from Walmart and Amazon. If a restaurant is owned by a conservative Patriot, patronize it. The same with other small businesses, those that have survived the lockdowns.

In this scenario, the future is local and hands-on. Small business is presently on life support. This was the probably an intent of the “plan-demic.” Only a conscious and assertive localism will revive it (forget about “stimulus” handouts that won’t pay a month’s mortgage and utilities). Don’t forget barter as an option, should cash be in short supply — as it might be before this is over (in Part 5 we will look at scenarios involving a dollar collapse, etc.).

Many of these strategies might mean refusing and resisting federal lockdown mandates (if lifted they will return). There is abundant evidence that lockdowns cause more health problems than they solve—mental as well as physical. One of their primary purposes is to keep us peasants isolated, frustrated if not scared, and unsure of ourselves amidst unpredictably changing rules.

We know, too,that Biden-Harris are coming after guns, and it may not take a false flag. How prepared are you? Is the Second Amendment ink on a page, or can you be prepared to defend your right of gun ownership with a threat of deadly force if need be? You’re your community have skilled Veterans willing to take action? Suppose surgical strikes by SWAT Teams are prepping to take out your leadership. What then?

The bottom line: if conservatives allow themselves to be disarmed, they can forget about everything I’ve written here, as it presumes — as did our Founders — that in a world hostile to freedom, freedom won’t last long unless there is a threat of deadly force to back it up.

So what happens should the Establishment crack down and tyranny comes full force?

Given the lateness of the hour (and it is probably at least 11:56 pm!), have I said that there might not be much time?!

Should the District of Coercion declare martial law on whatever pretext, calling out Homeland Security and with plenty of regional and state-level enforcers “private” as well as “public,” fighting back would be tantamount to suicide. You will wish you had expatriated, by whatever means necessary,as some of us did. But the clock will have struck midnight!

You could be taken into custody, made the equivalent of a prisoner of war, and tortured for information. Not all torture, by the way, involves inflicting pain; you could be put in solitary in a cell the size of a parking space under bright, fluorescent lights that burn for 24 hours. If Constitutional government is suspended, no lawyer will come rescue you. Days could turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into years. (Most reading this know that the U.S. already has a larger prison population than China. Our present system is arguably rotten to the core. Under martial law it would be magnitudes worse.)

Read Viktor E. Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning, or James Stockdale’s much shorter Courage Under Fire or The Stoic Warrior’s Trial. I would add these books/PDFs to my library if they aren’t there now. They are invaluable guides on how to survive and remain sane in extreme situations. These in addition to Abigail Adams, Ready for Anything: The Ultimate No BS Survival Manual for Ordinary People, Tess Pennington’s classic The Prepper’s Blueprint, and Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

Could things really get this bad???

I don’t know. There’s the old saw about hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. Look at it like this. The Establishment has surely figured out that neither Biden-won skeptics nor lockdown skeptics nor Covid vaccine skeptics are going away. The lawfare is flying, and it is not shutting up the first. Big Tech deplatforming has not shut up the second or third, as there are now numerous sites that do not censor and their size and numbers are growing. There are places (mainland Europe is one) where pushback against lockdowns puts our side of the Atlantic to shame.

Behind closed doors are surely fevered discussions over how far America’s “deplorables” can be pushed.

An email I received a few weeks ago contended—not unreasonably, as we will see in Part 5—that the globalists behind the Establishment are the ones who are scared. They are running out of time, and they know it. For one thing, more people than ever before know about them and what they’ve done to the world; the disagreements are over details. For another, circumstances outside their control are forcing them to act.

We have three options: submission to encroaching tyranny, armed revolt, and arms-backed separation. I assume the first isn’t an option for anyone who’s read this far. The second is extremely dangerous, as I’ve argued, and might be avoidable for reasons we’ll look at in Part 5. That leaves the third. Conservatives need to be preparing, forming alliances, starting or supporting small businesses for each other, and planning communities able to separate both politically and economically.

Increasingly, we live in a world where those fascinated with power and an urge to remake the world in their image of Utopia feel free to do as they please. They don’t bother to hide it. (Is Klaus Schwab’s proposed Covid-based Great Reset hidden from you?) Those who seek liberty must learn to do the same thing, when and where they can. But they would do well to separate as quietly as possible, at least for now.

Steven Yates’s next book What Should Philosophy Do? A Theory will be published this year by Wipf and Stock.

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