The Calm Through The Storm

by Corey’s Digs –>

Iwent camping this past weekend, to clear my head, in anticipation of one of my “aha” moments that would provide a list of solutions for everyone seeking to navigate this tyrannical turmoil we are all facing. I must have been busting at the seams for that light bulb moment, because the day before I left, my hot water pipe burst in my home and blew a small hole through the exterior wall, creating a geyser on the outside as well – all of which was just around the bend from the 2-story icicle that hung from the gutter.

This geyser set out on a path to flood my entire first floor, causing all of the flooring to buckle. It was all rather symbolic in a way. I had been banging my head against the wall trying to come up with solutions for weeks – something that generally comes very easy to me. Every avenue I looked down, every corner I searched around, every genius thought that entered, were all met with lawlessness on the other end, creating quite a roadblock. Thinking outside the box, finding needles in a haystack, troubleshooting and resourcing were always second nature for me, yet I suddenly found myself in uncharted territory.

While dealing with contractors and insurance companies from the comfort of my tent, I turned my focus to nature and all of the wonderful critters around me, and I took it all in. On the one hand, I observed the motherly nurturing of cats with their babies, while at the other end of the spectrum I witnessed female ducks getting repeatedly violated by males who were nearly drowning them. I was fascinated by some of the larger birds I had never had the pleasure of being in the presence of and enjoyed the taste of fresh eggs from generous chickens. The nights were shivering cold with nearby owls whistling a tune, and the days were warm and breezy, filled with life all around. I breathed it all in. Every last bit of it.

There were moments that felt like I could bask there forever and not even realize what was going on in the rest of the world, or be taunted by the cultural influencers, or effected by the fear disease, but I’ve never been able to stay in any one place for too long. In that moment, it reminded me that I can “switch” it all off at any point in time, no matter where I am. I can CHOOSE to be in a state of peace and calm, and THAT was really the answer I had been seeking all along.

I’ve always known this, and once functioned this way, but sometimes it takes distancing oneself and detaching for a bit, to get back to that space. The solutions don’t all reside in where one should live, how to prepare and navigate, or how to fight and battle all of the tyranny being pushed on us. It is about standing tall and observing it all from a bird’s eye view, detaching from it, not fearing it, not giving it any power, remaining in a state of peace and calm, being able to see and discern with great clarity, having faith and listening for the subtle guidance that comes through you. And when you are in this frame of mind, nothing can beat you, torment you, scare you, or break you down… and the answers will follow.

Why live if you have to spend all of your time and energy focusing on negative stuff or living in fear? Why have so many people stopped living? Stopped laughing? Stopped exploring? If we stop living, evil wins. Guidance and solutions will evolve from THIS PLACE. Banging our heads against the wall to resist, run, or fight back isn’t bringing resolution, it’s bringing a lot of frustration and depression for a lot of people, while keeping everyone on the negative energy hamster wheel, which is exactly where they want you. Rise above.

In this space is where creation evolves, light shines through, and the universe works with us. Remaining in this state of mind will manifest the best possible future. Whereas logic, common sense, practicality, and analysis are all incredibly important tools in the toolbox, without imagination and creation, the toolbox doesn’t exist. Instead of battling and tearing down, we need to build up and CREATE, together.

A dose of logic: Don’t financially support businesses trying to destroy us. Don’t work for companies pushing negative agendas against humanity. Don’t send your children to a school that indoctrinates. Don’t restrict your business from operating. Don’t wear a symbolic submission mask – they don’t work. Don’t listen to legacy news media, and when you do – think the opposite of what they just said. Don’t submit to tyranny of any kind. Don’t give up your guns. Never stop spreading truth.

A dose of common sense: Learning discernment is the biggest asset right now. Blindly believing is naive and counterproductive. Facts and evidence are critical but knowing their game and being able to read between the lines is necessity.

A dose of practicality: Keep food, medical, and other necessary supplies on hand, have a few plans figured out on paper and in your mind for potentially relocating and then let it go, be sure to keep cash on hand, coordinate with your community, friends and family for any potential future events such as your electricity being shut off during a freezing winter storm, a state deciding they are going to further control your civil liberties by trying to take your guns away, or a state no longer allowing you to get groceries without a vaccine id passport. Share, trade, and barter with one another because a lot of people are in need right now and this will be an important practice in supporting one another in the future.

A dose of analysis: There is confusion and chaos within the deep state hierarchy that goes beyond the US. It is fragmented. It is lacking agreement from all sides. This creates cracks – weak spots that make them vulnerable. Exploit those cracks in their engineered system.

A dose of imagination: Every night before you go to bed, spend time praying and visualizing the world in the best place possible for all. See it. Feel it. Be it. Manifest it. Visualization is one of the most powerful tools. Heal the earth and the people of the earth and remove the darkness.

A dose of creation: Every day, choose one person to help. Reflect their brilliance because it sparks creation. Build something, learn how to make something, grow a vegetable garden, grow herbs inside, crochet a blanket, cook a meal for a neighbor. Through kindness and creation, ideas will surface – all while injecting positive energy into the world.

A dose of love: You are loved. Love one another. Show compassion. Be grateful. Make someone feel good today. Build and nurture the relationships with your friends, family, and community. Together you will be stronger, and creating together will result in solutions that work best for all of you. Those creations can then be shared with other communities.

Evil will not and cannot win. There is too much love on this planet – enough to ignite a “new world” with “freedom” rather than “orders.”

Side note: My dog thoroughly appreciated every moment in nature and was mesmerized by all of the wonderful critters to observe. He secretly wished he could hunt them, but I assured him they are our friends. Believe it or not, this handsome boy is nearly 14-years-old, and he doesn’t look or act a day over 7, even after two knee surgeries – lots of love slows the aging. 

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