80 Million Votes? Hilarious! Kamala’s Motorcade Welcomed To California By ONE Elderly Couple

What an effing joke this piece of crap adulteress and her zombie running mate are! 80 million votes my behind! They were completely destroyed in the last election and everyone with any kind of brain knows that…even she knows that…

by TOM PAPPERT for National File

California reporter Alex Biston posted a video of Vice President Kamala Harris’s motorcade arriving at her California home yesterday, claiming that “Neighbors of Kamala Harris are welcoming her home.” In reality, one elderly couple was there to greet Harris, holding a lackluster sign and American flag.

Harris returned to California yesterday after spending mere weeks in Washington, D.C., where she often takes phone calls from world leaders in lieu of her boss, Joe Biden. Unlike the massive crowds seen whenever President Donald Trump’s motorcade traverses a city, Harris was greeted by two elderly Californians.

In fact, while there were only two Harris/Biden supporters in place for the motorcade drive by, there were also at least two cameras present for the occasion, as evidenced by the video. It is entirely likely Biden’s two elderly supporters were outnumbered by the media.

This is a sharp contrast to the crowds drawn by President Trump, even out of office. On President’s Day, an impromptu gathering of thousands of people began in Florida after it was announced that President Trump’s motorcade was likely to drive through a specific street.

The crowd began chanting “USA! USA!” as President Trump’s motorcade drew near, and one woman shouted, “We know you won, everyone knows you won, even the losers!”

One man, a Cuban native, revealed that he traveled from Harris’s home state of California all the way to Florida in the hopes of attending the impromptu Trump rally and getting a glimpse of the former President.

The man told Right Side Broadcasting, “From 2018, I went to a Donald Trump rally, and I saw the slogan, that was most remarkable, it took my heart.”

“Any time, you know, I hear there’s a rally, I follow,” said the native Spanish speaker, who revealed that he traveled from Orange, California to Florida in the hope of attending a Trump rally and seeing President Trump.

President Trump received an unprecedented nearly 75 million votes, and appeared to win on the night of the election. As credible accusations of widespread voter fraud began to circulate, Biden and Harris’s vote total allegedly eventually rose to over 80 million.

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