Biden Revives International Abortion Funding AND More…

Here’s some more insanity…how you like your tax dollars going to pay for abortions in foreign countries? How could anyone support such garbage?

by Kent Covington

A new Marist poll of roughly 1,200 U.S. adults found that more that 77 percent oppose using tax dollars to support abortions overseas. But President Joe Biden rescinded the Mexico City policy, which barred the government from giving taxpayer money to organizations that perform or promote the procedure internationally. The policy began under President Ronald Reagan. Democrats Bill Clinton and Barack Obama revoked the rule, and Republicans George W. Bush and Donald Trump reinstated it.

National Review Slams Biden’s ‘Extremist Abortion Policy’

By Jeffrey Rodack 

The National Review is blasting President Joe Biden for “forcing American taxpayers to subsidize abortion regardless of their moral qualms.”

The Review’s comments came in an editorial posted Friday.

“In an executive order on Thursday, Biden rescinded the Mexico City policy, which prohibits U.S. foreign-aid money from funding groups that provide or promote abortion in other countries,” The Review said. “President Ronald Reagan was the first to enact the policy, which has been in place under every subsequent Republican president and undone by every subsequent Democrat.”

And it pointed out the Trump administration had reinstated the policy after President Barack Obama’s tenure.

“Following Biden’s executive order, that large pot of federal funding once again will flow indiscriminately to foreign-aid groups such as Planned Parenthood International and other organizations whose chief aim is to profit from an increased number of abortions around the globe — including in countries that reject abortion,” the Review said.

It noted Biden has also directed the “Department of Health and Human Services to consider rescinding a Trump administration policy, which prohibits abortion providers from claiming federal funding under the Title X family-planning program.”

But the Review claimed the “average American appears to have little interest in forcing the taxpayer to fund abortion.”

“Despite Biden’s efforts to hide behind his Catholic faith and avoid defending his extremist abortion policy, under his administration, Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers need no longer choose between providing abortion and profiting at taxpayer expense,” the Review said.Related Stories:

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