Woe Onto You, America.

Woe onto you, America.

Sodom and Gomorrah were not destroyed because of the
sins of the people there, as great as there may have been. They
were judged and destroyed because of their corporate
acceptance, toleration, and even support of such sinning.

You have been shown the evils that underlie the challengers to our
democracy and to our nation. You have been shown (through all of
the bias) the destructive nature of what the country is up against.

Open, even flaunted adultery, repeated, egregious corruption,
support for late-term abortion and the selling of baby parts for
profit, cavorting with the enemy for profit, replicated murder
by suicide, paid “professional” rioters, and more have not only
been real and exposed, but as a “culture” we have tolerated
and accepted it as “business as usual.”

You can deny this, as many weak people try and do, but you with
actual working brains and hearts know that these things ARE real.

It is often said that the actors of a civilization’s defining
moments are not aware that they are creating history.

But this time, we know. There is no excuse.

And though I do not have a pipeline to many, if any, of the political
truths, and do not believe what my government tells me in general, the
mainstream media paints a picture so unbelievable; it is intended to make its
viewers and followers compliant ostrich-like fools, merely parroting what
they are told as if gospel truth. And the weak and stupid buy their drivel.

If you support such a known evil as this Senator Harris and her ilk,
you are opening yourselves open for a retaliation of Biblical scale.
She and her supporters will be completely swept away, utterly
destroyed, vaporized as mere chaff in the harvest that is coming.

If you are a practicing Catholic, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist,
Shintoist, Sufi, or any other religious faith, how can you accept the brazen
and paraded adultery admitted by Senator Harris? How can you accept
that she supports the killers of the unborn in late-term abortions for profit?

And even if you are atheistic, ask your higher self, your infinite Deity, your inner
being, how can this be acceptable in any private human being, let
alone a leader?

If you can somehow twist things around and find this behavior acceptable,
then woe onto you. Woe, woe, woe.

You cannot claim ignorance, for I for one, have told you.

As for me and mine, I praise the Lord, and know the Truth in the Bible will set me free.

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