This Will Anger Some of You

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my abject disdain for Senator Harris, calling her a POS. A few of my fellow FateBlockers took exception to my doing that. Instead of examining the amazing evil that she and her Planned Parenthood co-conspirators promulgated, they got on *my* case, as if what I had to say was worse than selling baby parts from aborted fetuses.

So if you have the guts, if you have the even-handed fairness that hopefully exists within you, have a look at this story…it is only a few minutes long…is this the kind of human you want running your country?

As an addendum, here is a reply to a long-time friend’s objection to my criticism and his outright and nasty castigation of president Trump:

I respectfully and wholeheartedly disagree with you. I think your characterization of the president is way off-base and extremely disrespectful. As usual, criticism of his job as president is all emotional. All talk out your backside to me. Seems to me you and your family are doing just fine (thank God); where is *your* complaint?

So where’s the beef, ****?

The economy, the military, unemployment amongst minorities, Middle East peace, infrastructure, illegal immigration, NAFTA vs USMCA, reduced government red tape, and so much more have been improved in a mere three years, DESPITE the awfully biased, hostile, and dishonest press and the sick, ignorant, brainwashed lefties that have stood (and still do) in his way since *even before he took office.*

And what have the dems done, constructively, in the past three years? I’d bet you can name absolutely nothing, except the supervision of the burning of blue cities across the country (and don’t go Googling to answer me, they lie too). It’s all emotionalism and no facts; you have been brainwashed by MSLSD and their unsavory ilk.

The reference to Hitler is much more applicable to Hitlery than to president Trump. A new term has come into the English language…”Clinton Suicide.” You know exactly why, too. She and her husband are CRIMINALS.

And you would support a do-nothing, plagiarizing career politician of forty-seven years (47 years!!!!) who barely can tell you what day it is? You would follow this yutz into battle? Not me. No way.

The hijacked democrat party has put up the weakest ticket since I am alive, bar none. I feel bad for traditionally liberal democrats (which we were probably both at one time), ones who cannot even say anything for fear of ostracism and idiotic, destructive cancel “culture.”

Now as to the real POS of this discussion…

Besides this amazingly evil abortion atrocity, it is no secret but public knowledge that Kamala Harris slept her way up into California political life by being a very public escort and mattress for California Democrat Kingmaker Willie Brown. Willie Brown is thirty years older than Harris and was very married at the time. It was public. It was an embarrassment.

Then, as AG of San Francisco and the state of California, she has repeatedly politicized her work by neglecting certain cases and aggressively prosecuting others all according to her political benefactors. You want chapter and verse? It is easy to find. That is not justice done right, Gary, not even close.

And what about her outright calling Joke Biden a racist during the Dem debate and then laughing it off because “It was a debate.” Here is someone who will do and say anything. Anything. And if they get power, they will be coming after you.

This is a VERY ugly human being.

And don’t forget. She and her fellow lefties support Baloney Loving Morons, antifa radicals, and other anti-American movements. And this is OK with you? Are you crazy?

I am so surprised at you. You didn’t even watch the video, did you? Sheesh.


At the suggestion of one of my brighter ex-students, I was able to obtain the text of Peter Schweitzer’s “Profiles in Corruption.”

Quoting Schweitzer, “The reality of her rise to prominence is far more complicated—and how she has leveraged her power along the way is troubling. Harris’s elevation to national politics is closely tied to one of California’s most allegedly corrupt political machines and investigations into her tenure as a prosecutor raise disturbing questions about her use of criminal statutes in a highly selective manner, presumably to protect her friends, financial partners, and supporters.

Most disturbing, she has covered up information concerning major allegations of criminal conduct, including some involving child molestation.”

Also, according to Schweitzer, in regards to her adulterous relationship with Willie Brown, “Brown began pulling levers for Harris that both boosted her career and put money in her pocket, rewarding Kamala with appointments to state commissions that paid handsomely and did not require confirmation by the legislature. He put Kamala on the State Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and later the California Medical Assistance Commission. The Medical Assistance Commission paid $99,000 a year in 2002. The Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board paid around $114,000 a year. Both posts were part-time. At the time, she was working as a county employee making around $100,000. Along the way, Brown also bought young Kamala a new BMW.”

In regards to flaunting agreed upon financial contribution limits, Schweitzer adds, “In January 2003, shortly after announcing her campaign, Harris had signed a form saying that she would stick to the city’s $211,000 voluntary spending cap for the campaign. An official handbook put out by the city’s (San Francisco) Department of Elections identified candidates that had signed the pledge. The voter’s guide is designed to let voters know which candidates agreed to abide by the law. Harris signed the pledge—and then blew right past the spending limit. By the end of November, she had raised $621,000—almost three times more than the cap she had pledged to honor. The San Francisco Ethics Commission vote to fine Harris was unanimous. Her campaign had to pay a $34,000 fine, a record in city elections.”

He then goes on to describe her taking donations from slumlords who banked on her not hurting their financial interests in a conflict of interest scenario.

Page after page, Schweitzer does indeed lay out one corruption after the next perpetrated by Harris and her cronies, involving priest abuse, prostitution, construction fraud, “missing” records, selective prosecutions, immigration abuses, criminalities, and more.

Wow. I am exhausted reading about this unGodly Jezebel. May the Lord have mercy on her decrepit soul.

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  1. Wow, I am stunned. Thanks for educating me. I had no intention of voting for the Biden/Harris ticket but I had no idea how corrupt she was!

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