Be Aware of the Lies

Be very aware that the mainstream media and the powers-that-be are ***LYING*** to you at almost every turn.

In my view, you are safer to believe the exact opposite of what they tell you.

The globalist puppet masters and their minions are the real ENEMY.

Everyone else (politicians, especially, but also most judges and corporate bigwigs, among others) are foolish, willing dupes.

They will get what’s coming to them first because they are beholden to these puppeteers, they are all too willing to do what they are told, and they refuse to think for themselves, nor for their own true betterment, let alone the betterment of all.

Do not let the media turn you into something you are not.

Remember what I told you long ago: When someone tells you something,
1) carefully look at what it is they are saying,
2) consider their motivation for saying so, and
3) consider how much they love you.

Then judge your reply. Be wise at every turn, because this evil serpent is a wily creature.

May God bless you and keep you. No Fear!

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