I detest gutlessness. Maybe you do, too.

You and I may not agree, but if you have the guts, will and brains to present your argument, you’ll have my respect and full attention.

Sometimes you may change my mind, other times not, but in any case I will always defend your right to debate me on any topic.

Spineless p*ssies who merely parrot the Commie line they have been fed by the twisted media do not get my respect. If that’s the best you can do, at least have the wisdom to say “I just do not know enough to argue cogently.” Otherwise, you can please “Go shut the front door.”

I very much enjoy the combative conversations I have with Dave, Burt, both Franks, and some others, and welcome their viewpoints, whether or not I agree. As long as things do not get personal or blatantly disrespectful, I am totally into it. And humor works too. To me, it is part of being particularly American. So when you say nothing, it tells me I have hit an important and resonant chord.

I am not nearly perfect and not nearly a know-it-all on much, so if you can teach me something, I consider it a valuable service you have done for me. Thus, if you do not agree with me, that’s cool, just tell me where I am wrong. However, if all you can bring to the table are your emotions and second-hand insinuendos and memes, I will empathize with you, but I probably will not agree.

And to my friends who generally agree with me and do not choose to banter back and forth, I love you too. I am always willing and interested to learn from you as well. I have some very, very bright (and loving) friends.

There are and have been public figures whom I admire because of their guts to tell it like it is (was). Don’t always agree, in fact sometimes I disagree more than agree, but love it when they take a position and stand up for what they think is right with integrity.

George Carlin, Jesse Ventura, Larry Elder, Lenny Bruce and presidents Reagan and Trump are some people that come to mind in this regard. There are many new ones I am just learning about. We do not have to agree to be respectful and respected.

It has been said many ways, “He that does not stand up for something will fall for anything,” and “To see what is right and not act is for want of courage,” and even “Faint heart never won fair lady.” My drill sergeant used to yell at guys in the platoon, “Grow a pair, soldier.” (Btw, are *you* a veteran?)

So, in closing, don’t be like a lily-livered, double-talking, self-serving, weenie politician. Have the guts, the courage, the knowledge and the wisdom to get up on your hind legs for what you believe and think is right and true and good.

May God bless you and keep you.

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