Demon Screentime

There are those in education who think adherence to some government standards will lead to student achievement. I contend otherwise.

First and foremost of all, you cannot beat Screentime.

Kids are obsessed with Screentime. Be it on their phones, their video games, or simply television, given a choice nearly all kids opt for Screentime. You cannot win against Screentime.

Secondly, standards in America are failing. We are about average in student achievement, 38th in math and 24th in science worldwide, depending on which sources you choose to consult.

Third, modern educators do not know how to get out of the morass. So many just blindly follow what their chairs or principals want, afraid to speak up for fear of getting fired, etc.

Here’s the way out.

First, parents must buy in. If not, all is lost. The kids are YOUR kids, not ours. Limit Screentime! Seriously.

Second, we teachers must *Inspire!* We must get the kids to put down their phones, etc., because what we have going is more fun, more engaging, more interesting than the drivel on the screens.

Third, teaching by script, like what is done in LA Unified, is absolutely deadly. Whoever thought this was a good idea should be kicked out on their shield, never to return.

Fourth, teachers need to be taught HOW to inspire, not how to kowtow to worthless mucky-muck pablum issued by some bureaucrats thousands of miles away.

Inspire, excite, have fun, discover, be curious, be engaging…and above all, teach wisdom above knowledge!

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