Misplaced Sensitivities w/addendum

I am so confused.

How does the hypersensitivity of some people in our society jive with the ever-increasing coarseness of our entertainments? How can it be that a society that applauds changing marital partners like a fashion statement and sells cartoon killing video games as worthy of our kids’
time also decries an errant comment or two made in jest as worthy of castigation.

Where is the outrage at those real abominations?

Do you know that one of our faculty members was called on the carpet by the principal because he uses pink whiteboard markers and commented “Real men can use pink” as a joke? And that somehow offended one of the children at the high school?

We are doomed. Really doomed.

Enjoy these while the world exists; it may not be here when you get back.


The other day I asked my class, during a review of calculating molar mass, what compound they wanted me to use.

One of the smart aleck kids said, “Cocaine.”

So I wrote Cocain…and I stopped. “No way,” said I, “someone might get offended and tell the principal.”

Well, would you believe someone ratted me out for saying *that?* And she called me on it? Sheesh.

We are truly doomed. Lord, please wipe out everything and start over…it would be no big loss…

And, as an aside, please forgive me for sounding a bit racist here (though in a good way)…you know one reason I love teaching Mexican/Spanish kids (and still do)? They don’t snitch! You can trust them!

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