The Value of One’s Word

One thing that really has degraded in our debauched “culture” is the value of one’s word. As for me, if I tell you I will be there, I *will* be there. If I cannot, you will hear from me as to why not. If I say I will do something, then you know I will do it.

But that just isn’t the same any more. So many people are irresponsible or flaky or inconsiderate or purposefully deceptive and it becomes harder and harder to trust anyone
with anything. And I not talking about greed; business people are greedy by nature and I expect them to be dishonest.

I am talking about personal things, professional things.

My father never trusted anyone. And though that appears to be safest, I never felt it was an open way to be. Thus I have been burned many times by lesser entities who value their
own integrity with less respect than it deserves.

Honor? Honesty? Integrity? Bah, sue me!

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