Exceeding Expectations

In life you occasionally run into people who have made much more of their lives than one would have expected.

Obviously those who were financially downtrodden, physically handicapped, or otherwise besought with problems beyond their control and yet triumphed are to be applauded.

That isn’t what I mean here.

What I am referring to are those individuals, teams, businesses and the like who ostensibly are very average, yet made champion-like strides to succeed.

As an example, I had a very average student many years ago. He wasn’t particularly sharp, didn’t have great looks, wasn’t personally dynamic and did not even possess great work habits.

Yet he went on to become a medical doctor. And not just any doctor, but an authority in his field. I am both so proud and so surprised at his success; makes me think of how poor a judge I was of him and his potential.

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