How to Start Learning Your Bible

A number of friends have asked me about future events vis-a-vis Biblical prophecy, especially those culminating this year, and though I have little idea as to exact specifics, my advice would be to avail yourself of those who know better than I…that is, if you are at all interested in such things…so with that in mind…

The best place to start is the Bible itself. It has taken me ten (now fifteen) years plus to get where I am.

After that, I would recommend teachers/commentators like Chuck Missler, John Hagee, Kent Hovind, Hal Lindsey, Yacov Rambsdel, Jonathan Cahn, Sid Roth and a few others to help illuminate what is happening.

Hal Lindsey’s books have been the most widely accepted, beginning with The Late Great Planet Earth in the early 70’s. His books are written by a layman and are very easy to understand and follow. He still has a regular weekly online ministry.

Kent Hovind is an ex-science teacher out of Pensacola who professes teaching Creation Science in the schools and regularly debates evolutionists across the country ( A very clever man.

John Hagee is a traditional fire-and-brimstone preacher out of Texas, a real inspiration and the real deal.

The late Chuck Missler was an ex-CEO of high tech companies, an accomplished engineer, and a 40-year teacher of the Bible who has hundreds of tapes on every topic in the Bible. Because he focuses on prophecy, what I wanted to learn about, it was he who really convinced me that Jesus is indeed the Messiah and the Bible is indeed what it says it is. See for more.

Jonathan Cahn is a very energetic and enthusiastic Messianic rabbi with a couple of very important books out right now, spelling out the near-term for America and the world…very compelling stuff…

Sid Roth and his show “It’s Supernatural” have been introducing the public to outstanding and amazing Biblical phenomena for years…

To me, time is getting very short. Have an open mind and an open heart and see what happens for you.

Hope that’s enough to get you started,

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