To An Atheist

To an atheist, I recently replied,

I hope that in your wisdom you arrive at the conclusion, as I have, that we (as in our entire physical existence) are a mere subset of a much more vast reality, one that does not include linear time nor the restrictions that linear time places upon it. Once you do, if you do, you will eventually realize that a much, much greater Beingness exists, one that exceeds all others, and that it must be so. If you do not see it now, and keep trying, you will.

Him: But how can you prove it — scientifically, that is?

Me: Science is not the end-all, be-all. Not even close. Do not be blinded by it. It is a process by which we can understand our PHYSICAL reality. And it has its obvious limits; I’m a trained physicist and I could name a dozen fundamental mysteries we still cannot produce an adequate answer for, not to mention it is inherently always a moving target. What IS an electron? (for a simple example) If your belief in the scientific process is all you have, your existence will be soulless and spiritless. Grow beyond it, seek within yourself, extrapolate logical conclusions and cultivate your innate knowingness of the infinite part of you that exists beyond the physical.

Dare I open such a large can of worms with all of you?

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