Happy Holidays 2014

What meaningful words can one offer today?

Wishing joy and love and peace for all, warmth in your hearts, and good will toward men seems somehow shallow these days, however heartfelt the true intentions are.

Distasteful cynicism has somehow poisoned the waters of honesty. Is it because we are all cognizant of the unconscionable suffering perpetrated by so many evils ’round the globe? Is it because dominant commercialism has successfully supplanted the true meaning of the holiday in so many homes? Is it because we have lost our trust in those humans and institutions who once gave us a profound sense of security? Have we all lost sight of the Divine in all of us?

Despite what you may or may not think regarding the Creator and His plan, my own feeling is that He grieves for His lost children, like this father who grieves his children have gone somewhat astray. And I fervently hope that when it’s time to call His children home, you’ll hear His call. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and a terrific 2015 to all!

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