Zuma Beach 2013

Diamonds on the watery salt spray in the air
Birds in search of tasty morsels, I have not a care.
Shrieks of children laughing, waves crash with a woosh
The sun in its brilliancy, the bikinis and the tush.
The coconut oil wafts on high, the hulled spikes in the sea
Some seaweed dries upon the shore, sand flies delicacy.

The heat upon my skin turns brown under a salt water coat
While racing by, lifeguard’s fun, a bouncing motorboat
The sound of baseball, Vinnie’s on, calling a Dodger winner
Casual surfers, body and board, find an appetite for dinner.
Seagulls divebomb lunch left alone, bravado on the wing
Zuma Beach is a wonderful place and a truly heavenly thing.

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