What Have You Done?

Did you uplift the masses or lie and deceive
Vilify the guilty or grant innocent reprieve
Did you climb mighty heights for yourself or for others
Care for the children of unworthy mothers
Did you bargain and wheedle for a mere crust of bread
Or give till it hurts to see they were fed
The choices you made are the sum total of being
Your decisions replete in consciousness seeing.

Did you clutch for riches or share all in your way
Acquiesce in peace or ambition’s power play
Were you a merchant of nothing or sell to the soul
Squeeze by a loophole, or your homer hit the pole
Did you devote time in service to better Mankind
Or do all you did just to advance your own kind
No matter how you slice it, your bread becomes toast
In His all-seeing eye and soul-stinging roast.

Did you sit on your ass or perpetually make motion
Whine and complain or choose constructive emotion
Did you curse at the darkness or raise up a light
Fight against evil or in hypocrisy delight
Did you teach and inform to enlighten your race
Or take all you could in selfish disgrace
There is no escape from the recorder of things
You’ve done what you have whether paupers or kings.

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