Sunny Blue Skies

Will I ever see sunny blues skies overhead?
Will the smoke of deception fade from view?
Will the clouds that bring rain melt into air?
Will the sun burn the haze hiding what’s true?

Waiting for the sun to return to the skies above
I look for the magic in everything I see
A drop of warm water, the veins in a leaf
A moment’s existence equates eternity.

Heaving a sigh for confidence maintained
In a race of mole-men misguided
I’m tested by the rain, tempered by the pain
Laughable hypocrisy has anger incited.

I’m just a soldier, a myrmidon of light
Awaiting new orders for the old ones fall away
The clouds that hide and betray the sky
Gray at my temples, priests in the fray.

So sun come again and please get here soon
We all need your warmth and delicate care
I cannot abide with dark skies and gloom
Banish the shadows, the prince of the air.

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