Drained of resource and empty of mouth
I walk as a shadow in the land of the living
Pained by betrayal feeling lonely of heart
A chipped hollow vessel exhausted by giving.

Devoid of motivation, meaningless and sad
I tread as a lone wolf who’s lost his bite
Used and abused by a world long gone mad
My only expectation is His Great White Light.

My smile is pained, phony and forced
And no one sees the picture in my brain
Desperate yet submissive, not knowing best
Visions of happiness long ago slain.

Every head talks and expects you to listen
But dare you expect and equal reply
The ghoulish ignorant lame pride of fools
Logically drives me to rebel and defy.

Reasons for living among a race of the dead
Escape me — I cannot see the sky
‘Tis futile to try and change their pitiful world
Reject it forever best to leave it and die.

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