The Barber

The barber looked out his window and then he said to me,
“l gotta take more off the top, snapping the scissors nervously,
“You’ve still way too much to show, your neighbors will be jealous,
“Let me trim those sideburns back, don’t want to anger the fellahs.”

“But I like it long,” I cried, “l worked hard for every lock,
I went to school long and hard and worked daily round the clock.
“Now you say I can’t dig my way out of this middle class pit
The bourgeois wants a greater gulf between the riches and the shit.”

“Oh, stop your whining, you ungrateful thrall, just look at what you have.
I’ve protected you from corporate greed, your fortunes would be halved.
“My razor’s sharp and you’ve trusted me, lo, these fifty years.
The necktie’s only a little tighter, no reason for your fears.”

“Now wait a minute, barber there, I walked in here volunteered,
I served my country when she called and now she’s disappeared.
‘You have no right to cut my hair if I tell you not to do so,
It’s bad enough you overcharge, now order me where to go.”

“So let’s get this straight, you demonic pig, we call the shots in number,
You should have let the sleeping dogs lie, leave the lion in his slumber
“The shearing you dare to cut me out will slice you to ribbons neat
A revolution will burn your shop down, the fire’s going up your street.

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