Obedience Fear Syndrome

Back in my childhood days of saluting spit-shined shoes
Back in the days when boys became men
Protecting the freedoms we so easily surrendered, bruised
Where killing is justified by legions again.

I learned of the power of the obedience-fear syndrome
A combination there to control your will
Where your orders are your mission shiny like chrome
And comply you did or face misery’s bill.

The rules apply, a general population’s guided needs
The Powers That Be learned lessons too
Taking more is never enough, a system perpetually feeds
For what is your right is rarely true.

The foolish and stupid are swayed by a flag and a cheer
And the wise have too much to risk
The cabalistic junta calls itself Liberty, buys itself a beer
While in secret we clench ideal’s fist.

Entrenched in Europe before Jefferson’s star was born
Banking marionette crafters’ decree
Calling shots and the deaths of nations, fabrics war torn,
Ruthless, rapacious, uproot the Tree.

No earthly power can defeat the deceiving juggernaut
The ultimate one-world throne’s goal
Those who resist without plan are so terribly caught
And blind functionaries suck up their role.

So we watch the happy idiots gyrate to their latest idols
And swallow gallons of festered pablum
Suffering jingoed paychecks, creating heroes from televised mortals
Oblivious to the ageless international problem.

While he who writes with his pen aflame in abject angry shock
And chides you for your inhuman display
Lifts you standing on his hind legs screaming like a sword in rock
The future of Mankind is still in play.

If solution comes from within our growth or from sources above
We can sustain oppression only so long
The ultimate answer in any event appears in the perpetuation of love
For pursuits ungodly are dead wrong.

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