I’m just a creature walking along the face of the earth
My head may be in the clouds but my feet are in the grass
One of countless life beams, an atom in the finger of God
In the glory and grace of it all may my life pass.

The orchestration of life by the universal mind
Majesty and might incomprehensible indeed
Awes one into both a feeling of insignificance
And infinite power to be the Creator’s seed.

It’s easy to understand why pride is a walking death
Anathema to a Creator’s divine craft
We’re limited by a simple linear time stream
Make all the plans you want and see God laugh.

So I’m just a semi-sentient sinner of sorts
Cannot even divorce my ever-carnal thoughts
Sad knee-jerk judgment’s prejudice prevail
Until a divine wisdom is within me taught.

Thus every note played is this symphony of real
Is there for our understanding and growth
Harken your ears and open your eyes and mind
May my message reach you and lighten us both.

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