Perception for Phil

Viewpoint is a unique thing, a keyhole only one can see
A periscope up from zero, a glimpse at personal reality
No one shares your shoes, no one sings your blues
Your world is one of billions, a vantage point’s mere parity.

An optic nerve transmission, vision thru a tin can wire
Observation via sole intellect, a solitary taste no higher
No one knows your plight, no one takes your flight
Walking thru a tunnel alone, experiential truth your desire.

Peering thru a gift roll tube, narrowly set yet patently yours
A talent only you possess, devoid of status, knowledge, mores
No one moves your piece, no one signs your lease
And though it appears we all share, no one opens your doors.

Then we add interpretation into our singly universal dream
And stir the brew with our past, our reason it would seem
No one comes to your sum, no one knows how you come
Your vision, your soul, and such reason make an unbeatable team.

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