How Much Do I Give and How Much Do I Keep?

How much do I give and how much do I keep?
Is the price to elevate society one a bit too steep?
Gotta take care of number one and the seeds I’ve sown
But the song of my life sings must have a righteous tone.

I want to give, I want to live beyond reproach
I need to find a balance, be my own coach
I must be strong so those I love live long
Yet share enough of them and me to be sure that we belong.

Young men are foolish, accumulating useless trash
To impress whomever, under the influence of cash
Older men know it’s in the giving that defines a man
What he does, not what he has, that really makes the plan.

But to give wholly and selflessly when others need you
Seems irresponsible to me, yet to hoard it’s selfishly true
Life’s give and take, what you can and what you need
Some say you give ’til it hurts, not ’til you bleed.

How much do I give and how much do I keep?
Is the cost to elevate fellow men just too deep?
Gotta take care of my DNA and it’s replications sure
But the chime of my reason must forever ring pure.

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