Biden regime preparing for “hand-to-hand combat” phase to coerce citizens into surrendering to dangerous covid vaccinations that might kill them (Natural News) Despite all the high-pressure sales tactics and tyrannical lock down policies, only one in five Americans have lined up for the covid-19 jabs, on average. In Mississippi, […] Read More

10 Huge Corporations Working To Make Big Bucks From Forcing Americans Into Vaccine Passports By Gabe Kaminsky Here are 10 companies working alongside the government to bring forth vaccine passports to control where Americans can go and what they can do. States have been […] Read More

Israel is ‘petri-dish’ for vaccine passports, injections: ‘a new Holocaust’

You had better watch this…you think this is only happening in Israel? Liberal author Naomi Wolf highlights how Israel is swiftly becoming a “bio-security state” where vaccine status permits […] Read More