Eight Articles About The Border Crisis

Call For Impeachment Of Top Biden Official For ‘Endangerment Of Americans’ ==========AND========== 2.5 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended since Biden took office. Almost all of them were released. https://dailytorch.com/2022/03/2-5-million-illegal-immigrants-have-been-apprehended-since-biden-took-office-almost-all-of-them-were-released […] Read More

1st Dozen Articles About the Russia-Ukraine War

Ukraine’s Deadly Gamble https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/ukraines-deadly-gamble ==========AND========== Zelenskyy Is Getting Civilians Killed – Western Media Won’t Tell You This https://tv.gab.com/channel/owenbenjamin/view/zelenskyy-is-getting-civilians-killed-621e5ee50bdb3c15d4b78f3e ==========AND========== What is this “War” in Ukraine really about? ==========AND========== Exclusive from […] Read More

2nd Dozen Articles About Politics in General

America First Takeover Set: Democrat Incompetence + Secure Elections = Victory https://rumble.com/vsuepe-america-first-takeover-set-democrat-incompetence-secure-elections-victory.html ==========AND========== The Greatest Nation on Earth? Face reality: You are no longer in it. https://www.thetrumpet.com/25119-the-greatest-nation-on-earth ==========AND========== Tucker Carlson […] Read More

2nd Set of Ten Articles About Politics in General

The Establishment Wants to Crush You Uppity Peasants https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2021/12/30/the-establishment-wants-to-crush-you-uppity-peasants-n2601194 ==========AND========== Bannon: We Will Not Comply and You Will Not Destroy This Republic ==========AND========== Desperate Democrats ==========AND========== Restraining Order Filed Against […] Read More

Thirteen Articles About January 6 and Related

725 Arrested, 165 Pleaded Guilty to Federal Jan. 6 Charges, DOJ Says https://www.theepochtimes.com/725-arrested-165-pleaded-guilty-to-federal-jan-6-charges-doj-says_4186272.html ==========AND========== BREAKING: Feds Finally Admit to Running Secretive DOJ “Commandos” at Jan. 6 Trump Protests ==========AND========== They […] Read More

FIFTEEN Stories and Articles About Politics in General

Stew Peters Delivers Fiery Keynote Speech At ‘Stand For Liberty’ Event https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2021/11/stew-peters-delivers-fiery-keynote-speech-at-stand-for-liberty-event/ ==========AND========== Crossing the Streams ==========AND========== Europe’s Second Urgent Wake-up Call https://www.thetrumpet.com/24835-europes-second-urgent-wake-up-call ==========AND========== 1000 Documents Turned Over That Criminally […] Read More