Frank Gaffney on CCP Influence and Infiltration — The CCP is The Enemy!

Heads up: Frank Gaffney was in the War-room today (episode 729), and his remarks on the plans of the Chinese Communist Party were absolutely explosive.

Key takeaways:

  1. China has had a plan of unrestricted unconventional warfare for a long time against the US, whom it sees as its main impediment to world hegemony.
  2. Every major institution in the United States: Wall Street, Hollywood, Universities, Government etc. has been corrupted by CCP money as well as blackmail and infiltration operations.
  3. The Covid virus originated in an illegal PLA bio-weapons lab in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It may or may not have been intentionally released, but once in the wild, the CCP exploited it as if it were an attack, specifically with the aim to prevent Trump from being re-elected.
  4. The Biden administration is, from top to bottom, completely compromised by and thoroughly beholden to the CCP.

The show opens with Bannon and @Raheem commenting on the impeachment trial. Gaffney comes in with general political comments at 10 minutes in but moves on to the CCP threat at 15 minutes in on the audio below. The video is not yet up, but will be up later today. It is a must watch for all the patriots out there.

Audio is here:

Episode 729 – Seed the Steel (w/ Frank Gaffney, Mary Ann Mendoza)

Video is here (or will be shortly):

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