Ten Articles About Censorship and Privacy and Your Rights

Big Tech companies dominate the internet’s cable infrastructure https://reclaimthenet.org/big-tech-companies-dominate-the-internets-cable-infrastructure/ ==========AND========== The Absolute Right of Informed Consent ==========AND========== The IRS will force facial recognition scans on users this summer https://reclaimthenet.org/irs-facial-recognition/ ==========AND========== […] Read More

Privacy Tools

Encryption Against Mass Surveillance You are being watched. Private and state-sponsored organizations are monitoring and recording your online activities. privacytools.io provides services, tools and knowledge to protect your privacy against […] Read More

Three Articles About Big Tech and Censorship

Government Using Big Tech to Sidestep the Constitution on Censorship—Interview With Alan Dershowitz https://www.theepochtimes.com/government-using-big-tech-to-sidestep-the-constitution-on-censorship-interview-with-alan-dershowitz_3830714.html ==========AND========== List of Private Search Engines https://reclaimthenet.org/private-search-engines/ ==========AND========== Amazon’s Sidewalk Network Is Turned On by Default. […] Read More

CREEPY Bill Gates strikes again: Windows 10 secretly listens to everything you say and records all your keystrokes with hidden keylogger that uploads to Microsoft

But you can shut them off…do a search on how to turn off keylogging in Windows 10… https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-03-22-bill-gates-windows10-secretly-listens-records-keystrokes.html (Natural News) Hidden inside Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system software is a […] Read More