Four Articles’ Links About China and the CCP

Eight Worldwide VAX/Lockdown/Passport Protest Videos

Millions Protest For Freedom From Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and Mandates ==========AND========== HUGE Protests Across France Against VaxPass Segregation & Coercion. Paris Protest & Police Violence ==========AND========== More Of What […] Read More

Fifteen Articles About Faith and Religion and Related

A Quick, Compelling Bible Study Vol. 67: Common Sayings Rooted in the Bible ==========AND========== ‘A WOMAN RIDES THE BEAST’ CONNECTS THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH WITH REVELATION 17 & 18 […] Read More

Three Wonderful Interviews from American Thought Leaders

Some more great work by Jan Jekielek and his staff… Michael Doran on the Hamas–Israeli Conflict and Communist China’s Ambitions ==========AND========== Kyle Bass: The Chinese Regime Controls 200 Sq […] Read More

Two More Wonderful Interviews from American Thought Leaders

Watch Jan Jekielek interview two more important people… Dr. Scott Atlas: Lockdowns Not Only a ‘Heinous Abuse’ of Power, They Also Failed to Protect the Elderly ========== AND ========== […] Read More