A Dozen Articles About Politics in General — Foreign and Domestic

These Questions Need To Be Asked Across America ==========AND========== Joe Biden Is Sick https://townhall.com/columnists/jeffcrouere/2021/05/31/joe-biden-is-sick-n2590234 ==========AND========== PELOSI CRIME FAMILY HAS RUN CALIFORNIA SINCE THE 60S https://www.bitchute.com/video/fSPi58nkGecR ==========AND========== Congressional Candidate Implies She’s […] Read More

Four Articles About the Middle East

Jon Voight Blames ‘Liberal Non-Thinkers’ For Spike In Anti-Semitic Attacks In U.S. https://www.themix.net/2021/05/jon-voight-blames-liberal-non-thinkers-for-spike-in-anti-semitic-attacks-in-u-s ==========AND========== Hamas Terror Chief Thanks Iran for Sending Money, Weapons https://www.breitbart.com/middle-east/2021/05/23/hamas-terror-chief-thanks-iran-for-sending-money-weapons/ ==========AND========== Gaza Conflict Reveals a Changed […] Read More

Don’t Believe John Kerry’s Denials, All the Evidence Says He Betrayed the United States to Iran — Four Articles

Is there a slimier POS in politics nowadays than this piece of political detritus? Don’t answer, it is too easy… https://redstate.com/streiff/2021/04/27/dont-believe-john-kerrys-denials-all-the-evidence-says-he-betrayed-the-united-states-to-iran-n369886 On Sunday, the New York Times committed a rogue […] Read More

Israel Demolishes Super-Secure Iranian Nuclear Facility, and the Biden Bunch Was Not Given Advance Warning

https://redstate.com/streiff/2021/04/14/israel-demolishes-super-secure-iranian-nuclear-facility-and-the-biden-bunch-was-not-given-advance-warning-n360792 On Easter Sunday, a massive explosion ripped through the top-secret Iranian nuclear weapons research facility at Natanz. There were some interesting aspects to the explosion. In a way, this was […] Read More