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Sen. Braun Welcomes Chicago Police Officers Refusing Vaccine Mandate to Indiana: ‘You Deserve Respect’ ==========AND========== Woman Endures Horror on Philadelphia Train as Bystanders Watched and Did Nothing, Police Say […] Read More

Body Cam Captures Deputy Lifting Overturned Car Single-Handedly, Saving Trapped Woman’s Life

The story of a modern-day hero… BY LOUISE BEVAN When a Gloucester County Sheriff’s Deputy saw a vehicle spun off the road, he immediately sprang into action. By summoning all […] Read More

Decorated police officer who won 7 life-saving awards dies after intentionally veering in front of out-of-control driver — to protect others: Report By SARAH TAYLOR for The Blaze A Tampa police officer is dead after he intentionally veered into the path of what appeared to be an out-of-control driver, according to reports. Witnesses […] Read More