“Rolling To Remember” Bikers Roll Right Over Biden

Rolling to Remember, a motorcycle rally, is an annual event designed to honor war veterans who faced one of two fates: They were either taken as prisoners of war, or they still remain missing in action. This event, which is formerly known as Rolling Thunder, will ultimately take place in Washington D.C. during Memorial Day Weekend.

The turnout for the event this year is anticipated to be enormous, particularly due to the attention the event received after the Biden administration denied a permit for the event. The rally participants had applied for a permit for the staging area from the Pentagon, but it was purportedly rejected due to COVID concerns.

However, Biden’s attempts to cancel a longstanding tradition ultimately failed, as noted by the national executive director of AMVETS. Instead, the rally is expecting well over 100,000 riders to make an appearance at RFK Stadium.

To accommodate the participants, numerous roads will be closed throughout Washington, D.C. as the riders spread awareness to the community regarding various veterans issues. In general, these efforts garner significant respect, particularly since the group draws attention to the tragic phenomenon of veteran suicide. Muriel Bowser, the Mayor of D.C., has permitted RFK Stadium to rent to parking lot to AMVETS for purposes of holding the Rolling to Remember event.

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