How to Grow Fresh Sprouts at Home

Here’s a helpful method should you wish to grow your own…

  1. Buy a wide mouth quart or half gallon jar.
  2. Buy a sprouting lid, if unavailable, just drill 1/16 inch holes (about 30)
    in normal lid.
  3. Buy sprouting seeds
    (I like alfalfa, broccoli, wheat grass [kinda grassy tasting], lentils are high in protein, radish are spicy – experiment
    or whatever fits you.
  4. How to do it:
    1 wash out jar so there is no soap residue
    2 put in 2 tablespoons of seed
    3 cover with roughly 3 inches of water, (if you use 2-6 it doesn’t matter)
    4 place lid on and put upright in dark place overnight (only 1 time)
    5 in morning (5-11 am) drain fill with about 2 inches water and drain again
    6 place in sunny area on a tilt angle with top down to finish draining
    I keep mine like this from this point on, except when rinsing and draining
    daily no more than 2 times per day- once per day is fine.

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