Father, The Rebellion Has Begun

By Devvy Kidd

So said Robert the Bruce after William Wallace was successfully stirring up the locals and routing the King’s henchmen.  The people of Scotland had enough, but denied weapons to fight for their freedom, they didn’t know what to do.  Along came William and the rest is history.  While it didn’t turn out well for Wallace, he showed the commoners (that would be us today in the eyes of the global and domestic elites) what courage is and they followed him into battle.

Here in America – despite every effort being made by the big tech giants and prostitute media – the truth on critical issues is getting out there and Americans are finally rebelling against all the lies and propaganda.

The Marxist ‘Critical Race Theory’ propaganda is being met with forceful resistance by parents and lawmakers across the country regardless of their skin color.  Americans who refuse to remain silent while their children are being taught hate in the government’s indoctrination centers they call public schools.

Hate for the founding of this constitutional republic, hatred for Caucasian Americans who have no choice about their skin color.  Nothing but hate.  This is a black father and daughter saying no:  Video of dad, daughter speaking out against critical race theory goes viral – The video gained 26,000 views since it was posted to TikTok on May 19, but it racked up 1.6 million views on Twitter

“The video posted by TikTok user Kory Yeshua shows him sitting next to his unnamed daughter and saying he teaches her she can be anything she wants to be.  “It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white or any color,” the girl says while a somber tune plays in the background.

“Yeshua regularly posts conservative videos critical of Democratic policies and Yeshua has said the BLM organization is for “the destruction of America and the destruction of our families.”

Americans like Kory are Kryptonite for the Democrat Communist Party USA.  They need victims for votes.

Let me deal with two top issues for this column.  The audits taking place I addressed in my last column, If Contested States Decertify Biden as Winner Will It Cause Mass Violence? and COVID shots.  At the bottom of this column are more updates.  Also, there’s a new film coming out June 19th:  DEEP RIG.  This is another presentation on the stolen election, the cheating and fraud.

For those who might be unfamiliar with Patrick Byrne, he is the founder and former CEO of Overstock.Com.  A billionaire who did not vote for President-Elect Donald Trump but began working on vote fraud in August of 2020.  Using his own money, he began a remarkable project.  Being on the inside those frantic months following the stolen election, Byrne knows a lot.  Of course, the prostitute media are all chanting the same mantra:  Byrne is a conspiracy nut pushing false theories about the election being stolen.  Patrick has tweeted there will be a ‘neutron bomb’ coming soon (tweeted in May).

Bryne is a very serious guy and doesn’t do a lot of bombastic hot air.  In my last column, I covered the lawsuit Mike Lindell is heading up to file a Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court.“Then in 5 or 6 weeks, we take it to the Supreme Court, we set it on their doorstep,” Lindell said. “If they accept it, which they will, they will vote 9-0 because it’s so obvious.  And you can’t lie.”

Patrick recently said the same thing:  Patrick Byrne: Ironclad Proof, The Supreme Court Is Going to Have to Take It – “We now have the proof, and I mean the hardcore, ironclad proof. The Supreme Court is going to have to take it. They can’t sweep this under the carpet!”

I encourage you to watch the short trailer (3:11) for DEEP RIG and sign up for free notification of its release.  I did and am looking forward to watching it.

Expect the attacks to continue against lawmakers in states doing audits and ones yet to come, hopefully Pennsylvania.  See updates at the bottom of this column.  If you live in PA, get on the phone, call your state senator and demand a forensic audit like AZ’s.  If you do nothing, nothing will get done.

Vaccine disaster

Here are the latest numbers. Deaths:  4,863.   Adverse reactions:  227,805 Permanently disabled: 2,719 Trips to the ER: 29,708

Hospitalizations: 12,625. Lagging reporting on these since April 16, 2021: 834 Anaphylaxis (completely under reported I covered before), 942 Bell’s Palsy, 1,132 Heart Attacks, 213 Miscarriages, 7,463 Severe Allergic Reactions, 822 Thrombocytopenia/Low Platlet

Deaths April 16: 3,486.  As of May 30: 4,863, an increase of 1,377 dead Americans

The prostitute media or ‘Mockingbird Media’ as well as governors and politicians across the country continue to be ‘perplexed’ why there’s such a large “vaccine hesitancy” out there.  I mean, we all couldn’t wait for a vaccine and now roughly 42% of Americans are refusing, how come?  Those vaccines are safe, effective and saving lives! (There’s such a surplus of those shots the fake Biden administration is sending them to poor countries.)

It isn’t vaccine hesitancy, it’s the fact that millions of Americans, thanks to the Internet and talk radio, have found out the truth:  Not only are those vaccines not safe, they are killing large numbers of human beings around the world.  Not only are they not safe, but millions more will die from getting one of those experimental gene editing technology shots.

It is reprehensible lawmakers at all levels refuse to listen to scientists with double digit decades of experience – some Noble Prize winners – who’ve been warning since last December why no one should get one of those shots.  As the number of dead Americans pile up, states like mine, Texas, brags on PSA’s the National Guard is bringing the shots right to you so you don’t even have to leave home.  Hurrah!

I’ve done all I can here in Texas as regular readers know from past columns.  A couple of days ago I sent out the last package, this one to Sen. Bob Hall.  He’s a Republican who sits on the health & safety committee in our state legislature.  On May 14, 2021, he actually took on the question of how safe are those shots during a hearing I watched live on-line.

As I mentioned before, lawsuits are underway with more to come.  I can say with confidence this massive refusal by millions of Americans to get shot up has no doubt shocked the big pharma corporations pushing death, but has also left politicians, doctors, health officials and liar and crook, Anthony Fauci stupefied.

The release of more than 3234 emails from Fauci obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, are going to seal his fate.  Many need to go to prison.  Fauci is one, the former director of the CDC, Redfield is another – a whole bunch of them need to get locked up in a federal cage for the rest of their lives.

I know this truth about those shots is beyond horrifying.  It’s almost more than I can bear some days because even if only 10% of the predicted number of deaths occur, it is going to be another holocaust.  The more who get vaccinated, the more deaths.  Prof. Dolores Cahill warned back in Dec. 2020 an increase in the number of deaths would start around March, April 2021.  Sadly, she has been right on target as deaths began to really spike mid-March.  Spike in the sense that the data from VAERS is weeks behind and –  only about a 1% reporting rate.

Horrific latent deaths predicted among the elderly by genetics professor after immunization with RNA vaccines, Jan. 28, 2021 (No doubt the elderly dying after being shot up – the death will be attributed to COVID, not the shot.  Unless relatives demand an autopsy.)

Every Monday I go around town and drop off a slip of paper to certain people where I do business.  I simply put my new column, how to find it and to please get this posted to every social media out there and share with family and friends.  This last week at one of the locations I ask the man I give the slips of paper to:  Why do I keep getting hard stares by a couple of the other employees.  His response:  They’ve read your columns.  They’ve all been vaccinated and they’re scared, Devvy.  (Name withheld) has two children who’ve been vaccinated and he and his wife are terrified.

What could I say?  I started writing our health & safety committees in both the house and senate here in my legislature as well as to Gov. Abbott on March 3rd. I’ve done everything I can to educate them. I wish, I pray the carnage isn’t going to be as bad as doctors and scientists say, but even one is too many.  The prediction is come fall and winter is when so many will start dying.

Email from a Pennsylvania friend, June 3, 2021

“I had a patient come into the hospital two nights ago with internal bleeding. She had had a heart attack. Her daughter, who was with her, said she just got the vaccine a few days ago.

“Could this have anything to do with it?..They have been giving the vaccines to elementary school children without parental consent.  We’re seeing little boys with swollen testicles, children bleeding from the eyes.  “This is demonic!”

The CDC announced June 3,2021, that 50% of adult Americans have now taken one of those shots.  Of course, one of them requires two shots.

The rebellion has begun and no matter how tough things are going to get, We the People must continue to fight back.  Oh, relax, FBI.  Even if I lived close to Austin, our state capitol, it wouldn’t do any good to organize protests as our legislature is now out of session until Jan. 2023.  Yes, there will be a special session in an effort to get three bills passed which I’ll discuss in another column.  But no date yet.

But, that doesn’t mean Texans should stop calling their state reps and senators district offices as well as Gov. Abbott:  Stop all COVID shots as they’re killing people.  If you do live in a state where your legislature is still in session, organize protests at your capitol.  Get on talk radio, spread the word.  Make those signs you hold up:  Number of dead from COVID vaccines:  _______.  Make up a one sheet flyer to give out to people.  Many won’t take one as they will be in denial if already taken one of the shots.

I’ll keep readers updated on lawsuits so if you belong to any of the same groups, i.e., doctors, nurses, teachers, unions, etc., you can perhaps do the same.  He who shouts the loudest gets heard.  We’re all short on time, I understand.  Please get this column distributed far and wide.

Make yourself a post-it:  ‘Devvy’s column’ so if you can’t watch some of the videos below or read articles right now, keep revisiting.  I get a hundred emails a day to watch this video or that.  Too much are click bait and junk in my opinion so I include only those I feel will educate all of us by credible individuals.

I want to leave you with this 1:51 second clip from the movie, Braveheart.  This is Robert the Bruce confronting his father after he betrays William Wallace.  It is powerful.

Robert the Bruce

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