Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene And Matt Gaetz’s America First Tour Draws Huge Crowd

by Anthony T

Rep. Taylor Marjorie Greene and Rep. Matt Gaetz’s first stop of the “America First” tour was a success.

Hundreds of people lined up outside a venue in the Villages, Florida to listen to both Greene and Gaetz speak.

Greene started off her speech by saying “Tell me, who is your president?” in which the crowd replied “Trump”.

Gaetz also fired up the crowd and was quoted saying: “Today, we send a strong message to the weak establishment in both parties: America First isn’t going away”.

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Gaetz and Greene will continue their “America First Tour” and are not going away anytime soon.

Take a look at the hug attendance they got:

WPTV covered the story and dropped these details:

U.S. Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjory Taylor Greene, two of the Republican Party’s most controversial figures, have kicked off their “America First” rally roadshow with a Donald Trump-centric revival of sorts at a Florida retirement community.

Friday’s rally attempted to position the House members as successors to the former president’s populism among the MAGA faithful.

“Tell me, who is your president?” Greene shouted after walking out onto a ballroom stage in front of hundreds of supporters wearing “Trump” T-shirts and “Make America Great Again” red ballcaps.

“Trump,” the maskless crowd of retirees wearing MAGA red yelled back.

Joking that he was a “marked man in Congress … but a Florida man,” Gaetz called Trump “the undisputed leader of the Republican Party.”

“Today, we send a strong message to the weak establishment in both parties: America First isn’t going away. We are going on tour,” Gaetz said. “It’s no longer the red team against the blue team. It’s the establishment against the rest of us.”

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