NH Residents Turn Their Backs On Board Over Election Audit Process; Chant ‘RESIGN!’

Written by Martin Walsh

Citizens and conservatives in multiple battleground states across the country are demanding lawmakers take action to combat what happened during the 2020 presidential election.

Hundreds of local citizens turned out to the Windham, New Hampshire, meeting at city hall with elected officials — and they did not hold back.

The Windham Board of Selectmen met at the Town Hall for its weekly meeting but when hundreds of people arrived, they caused the members to call for a recess and move the meeting to the Windham High School Auditorium.

The scheduled meeting contained an item about auditing the November 2020 vote on the agenda that has gained national attention.

The city leaders or “selectmen” moved the meeting back to the smaller venue at the city hall, which some believe was an attempt to make it uncomfortable or turn away concerned citizens who wanted to take part in the meeting.

The board members then walked out of the meeting after they reportedly were not expecting so many people to show up and demand action.

The meeting was then moved over to the Windham High School auditorium.

The crowd then grew more and more frustrated after the board was not addressing their concerns.

Dozens of citizens stood up, turned their back on the board, and started chanting: “Resign! Resign! Resign!”

Local activist Ken Eyring told the reporter, “This board is an embarrassment to the community.”



Some participants walked in large groups holding signs and banners while others formed a small motorcade honking their horns and shouting from their vehicles.

At one point, the audience cited the Pledge of Allegiance, sang the National Anthem, and America the Beautiful.

Patch.com reported:

At about 8:30 p.m. the meeting was called to order by Ross McLeod, the co-chairman of the Board of Selectmen, after the delay to move location and the needed time for Windham TV to set up the live stream.

Selectman Bruce Breton filed a motion asking his colleagues to reconsider the town’s selection of Verified Voting to be the town’s representative to perform the audit but the motion did not have enough votes to move forward. Breton asked his fellow selectmen to reconsider a 3-1 vote taken April 26 that selected Mark Lindeman, co-director of the organization Verified Voting, citing conflicts of interest — specifically, letters Lindeman signed challenging the Maricopa County Arizona recount.

At the April 26 meeting, McLeod, Heath Partington, and Roger Hohenberger all voted to support Lindeman as the top choice with Breton putting his faith instead behind another interested candidate, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, a computer scientist, and inventor.

The meeting was stopped and a 5-minute recess was called on multiple occasions. Each selectman had the opportunity to speak and ask questions of Breton and were interrupted many times by the audience.

After several interruptions, members of the audience clearly frustrated began to leave, and yell at the selectmen as they left.

As tensions built, a large amount of Windham police officers took positions in front of the stage, creating a barrier between the audience and the board.

Additional officers from Salem, Derry, and Londonderry arrived at the high school to provide additional resources if needed.

As discussions concluded the large number of people remaining in the audience stood and turned their backs to the stage, verbally expressing their displeasure.

A final vote was taken without the needed votes to overturn the original selection of who would provide the forensic audit.

The crowd peacefully left the auditorium and gathered for a short time in the parking lot.

There were no apparent arrests or physical altercations.


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