More Humor from the Babylon Bee

Media Condemns Israel For Unprovoked Attack On Innocent Hamas Rockets

Oops! AP Reporter Forgets To Remove Hamas Headband Before Going Live

Libertarians To Begin Wearing Masks Now That Government Says They Don’t Have To

Amid Gasoline Shortage, Antifa Switches To Molotov Mocktails

China Lands Alluring Female Mars Rover To Steal Secrets From NASA Rover

Liberal Gets Mask Tattooed On His Face So No One Will Think He’s One Of Those Crazy Republicans

Democrats Wearing Binkies To Wean Themselves Off Masks

Luke Skywalker Condemned For Blowing Up Associated Press Office Located On Death Star

Musket-Wielding Americans Chase Prince Harry Out Of The Country

Roadrunner Condemned For Disproportionate Use Of Force Against Coyote

Bill Gates Admits To Long-Running Affair With Cortana

Joel Osteen Unveils New Ultra-Thin Yacht That Can Fit Through The Eye Of A Needle

4-Year-Old Moron Blows Dandelion Seeds All Over Perfect Lawn

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