‘Huge Exaggeration’: The CDC’s ‘Deceiving’ Statistics Are Even Getting Called Out on MSNBC

I am shocked. Shocked I tell you. That the CD would be lying…is that really possible?? Even the lying sh*theads at MSLSD have figured it out…


It seems like the Centers for Disease Control has adopted a mission to justify making Americans conform to socially and economically damaging policy measures, regardless of the statistical risk. The routine is becoming so patently obvious that even MSNBC hosts are beginning to question it.

“Joe Scarborough expressed frustration and concern with Covid-19 mitigation guidelines following a New York Times report that criticized the CDC for misleading numbers on outdoor Covid-19 transmission risk,” Mediaite reported on the segment’s backstory.

“In a rather stunning version of the Morning Newsletter, David Leonhardt said that the CDC’s guidelines that the risk of getting the potentially deadly Covid-19 contagion as ‘less than 10%’ is technically correct but remarkably misleading, as the number—according to epidemiologists he cites—is closer to 1 percent, or even 0.1 percent,” the report continued.

Scarborough seemed to ad lib and praised Leonhardt, while referring to the report as a “doozy.” The host cited the expert’s criticism of the CDC warning Americans about the potential that COVID has of being transmitted outdoors.

There is a video in the original article…

“David goes on to write that the benchmark seems to be a huge exaggeration,” Scarborough says. “In truth, transmission that occurs outdoors seems to be below 1% and may be below 0.1%. David writes, ‘Multiple epidemiologists told me’.”

“And then he said, ‘Saying less than 10% of Covid transmission occurs outdoors is akin to saying that sharks attack fewer than 20,000 swimmers per year,” he continued. “The actual worldwide number is 150. It’s both true and deceiving’.”

“But the takeaway here really is — well, a couple of takeaways,” he went on. “I keep wanting people to be guided by science, we keep wanting people to be guided by science, just as we were saying during the Trump era, and it is so important we don’t overreact in the other direction now that we seem to be moving through COVID. It’s what Scott Gottlieb said to Shep Smith, it’s what we keep hearing from people, that sometimes being overly conservative — actually, if you’re not following science, like not sending our kids back to school in a timely manner, you’re actually undermining your credibility. And in this case, the CDC undermines its credibility when it oversells a statistic.”

Wow. When you’ve lost MSNBC…

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