2nd Amendment TITANS, Ted Nugent and Colion Noir Sit Down Around The Spirit Campfire


Colion Noir joins Ted Nugent’s Spirit Campfire to discuss today’s Second Amendment issues.


Ted kicks it off with a great quote… “I’ve never been in a gun free zone… wherever I’ve ever showed up for at least the last 50 or 60 years, no matter what that spot might be, my arrival eliminates it from being a gun free zone. Because I know in my heart that God gave me the sacred gift of life and with the engineered recidivism expanding in my lifetime, I know that the likelihood that I might be the next victim of all the victims that happen everyday based on engineered recidivism that I should probably carry a tool just like the fire extinguisher in my truck and the spare tires in my truck and the spare guitar parts that I have in my guitar case. I have a handkerchief and a knife and a belt tool and guitar pics. And I got Chapstick and a lighter and I got my reading glasses and I got a gun and a pocket full of ammo.”

‘But one of the guys that keeps right up with me that I’ve watched for the last number of years is our guest tonight on The Spirit Campfire, Colion Noir is probably thee most sensible, reasonable, incontestable voice for the self evident truth to keep and bear arms… I love your statistical crowbar that you swing with great aplomb into the skull of the people that would cause you and I to be unarmed and helpless. You are my blood bother” – Ted Nugent

Key Takeaways:

  • Colion Noir didn’t grow up around firearms
  • Instincts can take over the propaganda onslaught from the anti gun nonsense
  • Gun Control on a logical level: None of this makes any damn sense
  • How to Stop MASS SHOOTINGS goes viral
  • People know that good has to have a chance to survive evil
  • I carry gun. Well you don’t, you’re weird
  • It’s not just Americans that love guns
  • Intellectual and shit kicker believe-abilty
  • Street vs statistical
  • Keeping the argument real, sound and authentic

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