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DO NOT TAKE THE POISON JAB!! Do not even take the nasal swab test! And take your face diapers off too!

Arizona is the prime domino. I pray it falls the right way and starts the recovery of our country from its terrible Obamanation, that of Fauctards, bidensanity and covidiotic maskholes.

Remember, “cases” are only predicated upon the number of cycles the PCR test is employed for…if the number of cycles goes above 40, they can find just about anything. Thus they can massage the number of “positives” to fit whatever narrative they wish to portray by merely dialing in the number of cycles the test runs for. Don’t believe a word of it. Also remember that the man who won the Nobel Prize for developing this test said it cannot be used to reliably determine viral infection and that Mengele Fauci does not know what he is talking about.

I have witnessed the dumbing down of America for at least the last third of my forty-year teaching career. Hard to put my finger on any one reason why, but if I had to pick one thing that stands out amongst the many, it would be the lack of responsibility of the parents to raise their children properly, i.e., to teach them the merit of solid work habits, the needed concentration and focus in study, the worthiness of academic achievement, and the respect of others’ ideas, methods and persons, letting alone the obviously important primal ethics and morals.

Amazing that this putz Joke Xiden has the nuclear football. America has never been so weak before. The mainstream media/big tech and their puppet masters must be overthrown, the majority of decent people in this country need to organize and mobilize, and the wrongs of the stolen 2020 election and BS covid “virus-vaccine” scam must be corrected. And top that off with a very healthy helping of revival and repentance!

I suspect that this cheating was waaay more widespread than even postulated by the audit hounds. It would not surprise me if every single state in the union was subject to some kind of voter fraud or election fraud.

Yes. The “For the People” Act is hardly that. The bait-and-switch is commonly used in many avenues of commerce, but especially in politics, and almost always results in unwanted deception and subsequent mistrust.

And I love the saying, “The danger of an error is in proportion to the truth it contains.”

The Lord knew very well not to make me an evil genius. If he did, I would have taken out all of the CEOs of Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, and AstraZeneca, plus Kill Bill Gates of Hell, George Soros, and many other satanic globalist elites by now…

Good for them. The people in the UK, Canada, and Israel have been subjected to even worse tyranny than here in Amerika. We must overthrow the evil globalists.

Big effing surprise. Everyone knows Seth Rich was murdered. So was Ron Brown and so many others. There is an incredible amount of dirt regarding Hitlery and Billary. Their souls will be utterly annihilated during the Lord’s imminent return.

That is how I understand the usage of the term “shedding,” as in the unintentional sloughing off of these spike proteins via a variety of externalizing means and transmitting them to others.

Not sure whether president Trump is misinformed about the “vaccine” and “virus” or we are. But I am going with my own perceptions here. Like you, I disagree with the president on the “vaccine” issue. I do not recommend it to anyone, friend or foe.

Willful violent ignorance has no regard for anything or anyone. It needs to be utterly destroyed. Lord have mercy.

Joke Xiden is an international laughingstock. What an embarrassment. Americans look like such fools for putting up such a lame excuse for a leader.

When I tell people that we have more political screwballs here in Commiefornia than anywhere else, by far, I am not just making stuff up. We DO have more useless, leftist and ignorant people in politics than any other place, bar none.

What to me is so ironic is that one is better off doing the exact opposite of whatever the gubermint’s three-letter agencies tell you to do. Instead existing for the common good, they exist for the common evil. If they say X is bad for you, I’d buy X. If they say this shot is good for you, I’d never take it.

Since I taught Math Anal and Calculus most of my career, the half-witted mucky-mucks left me alone…I agree that most of what I saw of Common Core was common crap, especially in the teaching of basic arithmetic skills. That being said, there was one feature I thought was good, however, and that was the notion of getting kids to articulate (in words or in speech) precisely what they did to get to their answer, not only to themselves and for themselves but to their classmates as well. I had always done something similar in class occasionally anyway, but it was somewhat gratifying to see it formalized.

After witnessing the bastardization of the 2020 general election, to have the same kind of insane garbage repeat just a couple of months later completely boggled my mind. The fraud is being shown to us as clear as day and the cheaters derisively laugh at the truly stupid, gullible sheep that go along with the travesty. Hardly Lin Wood’s fault, come on, man…

Free speech is a dual-edged sword. It necessarily comes with warts. Fortunately, very fortunately, the folks here at gab give you the privilege of blocking anyone you feel is unacceptable. You can draw your own personal line anywhere you wish.

The Earth doesn’t need us to give it a “day.” How pompous and presumptuous we are to do so. We are, at best, an ever-increasingly annoying rash on its skin.

Uh-huh, sure Farcetti…that should just about take care of the incredible rise in violence in our once-fair city…your lame behind will be forgotten in the ash heap of worthless politicians soon enough…

If I was president, I would issue an immediate seizure of ANY American land owned by Chinese nationals. Period. And boot them out of the country. Immediately. Student, businessman, grandma. American citizens can stay. Let them sue themselves back to Beijing.

Their idiotic “be less white” move might be the greatest stroke for Americans’ health in a long time…indeed, drink water!


This covid scam is the Crime of the Century — far worse than the stolen bastardization of the 2020 election, the 9-11 deception, the JFK murder, the endless overseas wars, or even the rampant child abuse/pornography/trafficking that has infested the halls of power all these years. This threatens the whole of Mankind.

You are being lied to, at every turn, by virtually every public entity, be they government, lamestream media, the corrupted courts, or all the other worthless paid-off mouthpieces.

The “virus” has never been isolated. There is a $250,000 reward offered for anyone that can do that but it has never been claimed.

Why? Because it simply does not exist.

And the “vaccine?” They can stick that untested, nanobot-laden, mRNA-manipulating, 5G-responsive poison potion up where the sun never shines.

You are witnessing the end of western civilization. America is in sore need of judgment. We have been very evil for a very long time.

In my little mind, the Bible has been right all along. Get right with God before it is too late.



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