Miami Private School Will Deny Employment To Those Vaccinated

Three cheers for common sense!!!

By Kristin

On the heels of the news that California Universities will mandate covid vaccines, one Miami private school is bucking that trend.

Instead, Centner Academy in Miami will not allow vaccinated teachers to be near students.

They will also not employ anyone who has had a covid shot.

The reason, Centner said, was that vaccinated adults “may be transmitting something from their bodies”.

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Centner Academy cited that among their population, they have seen three women with menstrual cycles impacted after having spent time with a vaccinated person.

As you can imagine, the Twitter world was TRIGGERED:

(There are five more tweets even stupider than this one in the article.)

It’s funny how democrats think Florida is backward, when Republicans know otherwise!

It makes complete sense not to expose an unvaccinated population to a vaccinated population, especially when it has only been studied for a quick minute.

Where is the evidence showing the coronavirus doesn’t shed and spread?

It goes on…

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