Man Conducts Brilliant “First Amendment Audit” Against Maskholes

Enjoy the video…

Instead of being a Maskhole, consider upholding the Constitution, the First Amendment, and freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Oh and freedom to not have your FACE covered 24/7!

That’s what one man did when he took to the streets to conduct a “First Amendment Audit”.

Absolutely brilliant.

He encountered some Maskholes in the wild almost right away.

Look as they try to intimidate and use force, but then cover up their badges and names because they don’t want to be put on record.

Maskholes always want to rule over YOU, but they don’t like it at all when the light gets shined on them.

Typical Nazis….oops, I mean Maskholes.

Sometimes the words can be used interchangeably.

Watch this brilliant piece of journalism right here safely on Rumble:

(Well, this is the YouTube version, Rumble has the same thing though…)

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