Spain Mandates Face Masks on Beaches – Including For People Sunbathing or Swimming in the Ocean

Again, how stupid can people be?

Spain is now mandating people wear face masks on the beaches, including for people sunbathing or swimming in the ocean.

The Covid insanity never ends.

The law went into effect on Wednesday and anyone refusing to comply will be fined €100 euros.

There was a major backlash to this insane mask law.

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Spanish resorts said it is threatening to wipe out thousands of jobs and is spreading dismay through Spain’s tourism industry.

The Sunday Times UK reported:

A law to enforce facemasks in public, even when sunbathing or on the beach, has spread dismay through Spain’s tourism industry.

The legislation, which came into effect on Wednesday, makes wearing a mask obligatory, even for children as young as six. Only adults playing sport are exempt. Anyone not complying faces a €100 fine.

Reactions in resorts across Spain have been mixed. Balearic and Canary Island officials have said that the law will not be enforced at swimming pools and on beaches.

A national health commission said that it would review the rules. Hours after it came into effect, Carolina Darías, the health minister, said: “We have to study if the law allows us a certain degree of manoeuvre.”

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